Friday, April 3, 2009

4 - A nice even number

I have a lot to catch-up on, but today's outing needed to be first on the list.

I have had a stack of online returns to take back sitting on my floor for like a month now and I haven't wanted to do it during the day with Cohen because 1. he's a pill 2. i can't push his stroller and hold the huge box at the same time and 3. returning things always frustrates me because the cashiers never know what they are doing. Well, today I decided I would go to just one of the stores on my list, mainly because my credit card payment is due and I don't want to have the charge outstanding.

So, I get Cohen in his stroller and am making my way through Sears to get to the store I need and he decides to puke all over himself and the floor. Really? If I had collected the full amount I think it would add up to at least 12 ounces. Did he drive himself to 7-11 for a super big gulp without me knowing? All I could think was this is now the 4th time he has done this to me in a store. 1. IKEA. 2. Target. 3. Home Depot and now 4. Sears. I think the kid has something against shopping.

I proceed to strip off all his clothes and thankfully, the Sears people are so helpful, bringing me paper towels and a bag to put his clothes in. Meanwhile, I am debating whether to buy him a new outfit at Sears (thinking, thinking) or to remove my hoodie and wrap him up in it. May not seem like a huge decision but I only have a tank top on underneath. So, just wanting to get the bleep out of there I start tucking my g's - so as not to confuse any of the "fashionistas" working at Sears and head for the door.

Cohen - next time wait until mommy is at work and daddy is taking care of you, okay?


Robyn said...

Oh no! Is he sick or does he just have an aversion to malls? I hope he's okay. So wait, I'm assuming you took the hoodie off? That is funny. You gotta do what you gotta do! I hate when you plan your day and get nothing done! Can he come over here and play sometime?

anne said...

strippin' down in sears. oh yeah. poor cohen. poor you.

molly oliver said...

Josie that is too bad, but your story was hilarious. I had the same thought whether I tuck my garments and cool down or sweat it out in my 1900s work office sitting in front of a very hot radiator all day. I decided to sweat it out, but you had a legit situation.

Sarah said...

That's so sad- and pretty hilarious! I have witnessed first hand Cohen's puking in a store and it seems as though shopping makes him physically sick to his stomach. His dad should be so proud!

So could Eric tell you anything that was talked about at Priesthood session tonight? Jon couldn't come up with much, but he did tell me everything that he talked to Eric and his friend about!