Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Running Buffalo

Cohen's preschool class had a Thanksgiving Feast/Indian Celebration the other day. I'm pretty sure he didn't eat any of the Thanksgiving fare. Cohen chose the name Running Buffalo - which I thought was pretty funny. These pictures were the last ones I took before I dropped my camera and had to take it in for service so I've been without one for a while and it's very unsettling. I will have to borrow Diane's for tomorrow.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Grandpa Bishop

It's posts like these that make me want to hand the reigns over to Eric for a change...

I don't remember the first time I met Grandpa Bishop but what I do remember is he was always happy to see me! Every time I would walk into the room he would say, "Well, if it isn't Josie". Gpa has been a part of my life for the past 12 years but he has been a part of Eric's for 30+. Diane's father died when Eric was 3 and so Gpa Jim was the only Gpa he can really remember.

The services the past few days have taught me a lot more about this sweet man. He was a Veteran. He lived to serve; his country, his church, his wife, his children, and his grandchildren. He was an avid tennis player and water skier and he had many lifelong friends that spoke of him fondly. My kids were lucky enough to spend almost every Sunday at Grandpa's house. I don't remember my great-grandparents all that much but I hope my boys will know how much he loved them.

Eric's Baptism


First time meeting Ethan

Cohen's blessing - the James in Cohen James Brown is from Grandpa

Gpa and his red cardigan, and V-neck sweater and button-up shirt and undershirt. He was always cold!! And that red cardigan was a staple every year at Christmas time.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010 - Lego Costume

Well, this year I got a little ambitious. I have been wanting to make Lego costumes for a while now but every year the boys had something different in mind. This year I just started making them and didn't bother asking and they seemed fine with the idea. The head was the hardest part to make. And if I were to do it over again I would change up a few things but I was still happy with how they came out. I love legomen!

We celebrated Halloween a few times this year. First at our ward Trunk or Treat!

Second, Cohen's school had a Halloween parade/program. Giving you a thumbs up!

And third, on the 31st! We drove up to Fullerton to trick or treat at Grandma Bishop's door. She was happy to see the boys in their costume and the boys got to trick or treat around her neighborhood. They had a great time. Poor Ethan couldn't move from house to house quite as quickly as Cohen but they still managed to bring home a ton of junk.

Pumpkin Patch

Cohen's Pre-School class tried like crazy for weeks to go to the Irvine pumpkin patch but each day the weather was uncooperative, as it rained and rained. Finally, after rescheduling it four times they got to go and the weather was great! I've never been to this farm before but it is a busy place. There were hundreds of kids there picking pumpkins.

Like mother like son...his reaction to the petting zoo part of the farm. He's not a fan of goats or anything with legs/fur for that matter.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yes please!

Garnet Hill - I Heart Thee!

Check out this sled. This will come in handy for our trips to Park City this winter.

And of course, one must have cute luggage for said traveling!

2010 Christmas slippers

Thank you TOMS for giving us with a better choice than the typical, ugly Christmas slipper.

Because let's be honest, these aren't cutting it.

Hank Kenneth Oliver

I have a new nephew!!! Hank was born October 29th, to Molly & KC. 7lb 5oz, 21". We have been waiting for what seems like FOREVER for him. Congrats guys - I can't wait to meet him in a few weeks!