Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beach Club

Cohen has a new thing. It doesn't matter if he's in the pool or on his bed, he likes doing belly flops right on his face. He doesn't turn his head either - just crashes right down on it. Today at the beach club was no different. Stand up, fall on face, stand up again, fall on face again, over and over and over. See for yourself...

Come to find out, Annie is cousins with Meagan and just so happened to be in town for a few weeks so she and her adorable three girls came down to hang out. It was good to catch up. When I told Ethan that Ruby was coming down to play he was a little bugged that she was a girl, but since she has diabetes like him he was ok with it. I was fully expecting them to actually play together but I don't think they said more than hello. If we are really going to set them up later in life there is going to need to be a little more interaction than that. (I can't believe that was two years ago)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Other happenings

Back in June, Ed & Diane went on their first cruise ever to Alaska. They loved it and on Sunday we reaped the benefits from their trip. While visiting one of their port cities, Ed caught a 25lb salmon that they had flash frozen and FedExed back to CA. On Sunday we had a huge salmon feast. It was the best fish I have ever eaten. It didn't even smell fishy. It smelled like the sea. It was so good. We cooked it on cedar planks which only made it taste better. Yummy.

Last night we headed over to HB for a hot dog roast and s'mores. We usually go to Corona del Mar, but all of the pits were taken. Personally, HB seems easier to access and has a ton more fire pits...we may be going there from now on. It was our last night with everyone in town so we had to live it up. They all leave today, boo.

Ed flying the kite in the moonlight.


Julie, Derek & Addie

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Orange County Fair

7 adults, 3 kids, 2 strollers, 75 degrees, a bunch of cash, we were ready. I hadn't been to the fair in a long time. At least the OC fair. Of course, we would go to the WI fair every year, so I was expecting this being only a county fair, to be on a much smaller scale than a state fair - boy was I mistaken. It was huge. I remember as a kid going to fairs with my family. The Iowa state fair was one my dad loved taking us to. Were they as expensive back then as they are today? Seriously, everything is $5-$10. I am thinking that if Arnold could set up a fair of some sorts and have all the proceeds go to the school districts then we would be set until Ethan goes to college. A $12 funnel cake? Who knew? I got my fair fix. Eric was more interested in the animals than my children. My kids don't really like animals. Probably got that from their mother.

Ethan and Ed riding the giant slide. Ethan's panicked face!

Pissed. But, he wanted to go, this was not a forced venture.

Cohen, our fearless one, loving it!

Julie's plate of fried wonders. If it weren't for that green you see in there I would have thought it was just fried batter.

Dr. Brown, what amazing oral hygiene you have!

Nope, not gonna do it.

These either....

Or this....

The ring toss. Cohen was a mess the rest of the evening after passing this game. The prize, a giant (bigger than Ethan) stuffed Scooby-Doo. He ran up to it and almost yanked it off the hook. I contemplated asking the guy how much it would be to buy, but do I really want a 4 foot Scooby-Doo for the rest of my life?

The boys, getting their drive on.

Me being the basketball lover that I am, had to get the skinny on how this game is rigged. Here you go.... an oval rim? Blasphemy.

We went to the fair mainly to support Diane. She set up a tent in the craft section of the park and was quite successful. Anyone out there need a reading? Her phone is listed here...

Cohen kept laying down on the ground, why? Tired, boredom? Who knows.

But it was a section that housed these fine things.... and if you looked closely the ground, while covered in general dirt, also had a few smashed poops laying around,

which led to him being strapped down in here the rest of the night.

I don't think he minded one bit.

Doctors, nurses? Who needs them?

While on our way to a fabric store the other day we came across this very unique thrift store in Long Beach. We were definitely intrigued by the name, however once we saw the neon sign in the window, we opted not to stop and shop.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Proof that he is Eric's child

Eric is always saying that neither of the boys look like him. I think he's crazy for thinking this but he's convinced otherwise. Hopefully, after this post he will reconsider. I do NOT tan. Never have. My freckles might get more obvious creating the appearance of a tan, but I am Scandinavian, no olive skin here. I am dry. Eric is oily. He also tans very easily. So when I caught a glimpse of Ethan today after an hour or so in the pool I couldn't help myself but snap a picture. The kid is dark. And no I do not use tanning oil on his skin. This tan line just screams Brown blood.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Julie & Addison are in town for a few weeks and I would normally be happy about this, but Addison is absolutely terrified of me. If I even look at her she starts crying. And if I touch her, forget about it. The first few days were the worst, she's been warming up a little bit, but I still can't touch her.

So, we've been trying to do a few fun things while they are here and yesterday we drove up to the La Habra Children's Museum. I guess Eric used to go there as a kid, I didn't even know it existed. It was cute, cheap, and the perfect size for an hour and a half visit!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Christensen Reunion - Park City '09

The 4th of July has recently become the holiday for my family to hold a reunion. This year we celebrated again in Park City. We have been going to PC since 1994 and still get excited about going. It hasn't become boring or repetitive yet, however Anne feels the need to venture out next year so who knows what next year's reunion will bring. This years count; 2 parents, 4 sisters, 3 brother-in-laws, 2 nephews, 2 nieces (+ me and my boys). A total of 17 bodies. It's getting to be a big undertaking, but tons of fun.









And don't forget DRIVING. OC - St. George - Park City - Jackson - Star Valley - Park City - OC! It was a great trip, thanks Mom & Dad!