Thursday, January 28, 2010

E for Emmett

Rachel just had her THIRD boy and so we celebrated last night. Unfortunately, I wasn't on the ball about taking pictures of everything.... but I did remember to take some of the cookies I made before I left. Welcome, Emmett King Owens!

Here's what I think about this gift

1. I don't have a girl.
2. I'm not planning on having a girl.
3. Green Bay is out of the playoffs, booo.
4. I wish it was my size.
5. Maybe it will fit Lucy?
6. Don't give Eric any ideas.
7. I need to put it in a box so it stops eyeing me from the shelf.
8. I miss the midwest.
9. Please Cortney, don't buy me any more baby clothes.
10. But, thank you for thinking of me!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

the weekend

FRIDAY: eric worked, tried to stay up and watch a documentary but fell asleep around 10:30. went in to check on ethan's number (they have been in bed for two hours at this point), they were both in ethan's bed watching videos on an iPhone. went on a rampage, took any and all nightlights out of their room, slammed the door and tried to fall back asleep.

SATURDAY: eric worked again, woke up at 7, I was his first patient. i needed an onlay redone from a previous dentist. took the boys to jump and shout, came home, tried to start my church lesson. eric called, locked his keys in the ignition, needed his spare. Ugh. eric comes home, gets a wild hair to take the boys off-roading in the Rover. "ok, but I'm not coming to rescue you for the second time today if you get stuck". famous last words. they leave, i'm still trying to finish my lesson. eric calls, uhhhh jos,..... i'm stuck. more like, i thought i would be really cool and drive through a 3 foot puddle of water and the engine shut off. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME" (edited for a G rating). so, diane gets in her car to go out and rescue the boys (i think she felt the need to go otherwise divorce might have been discussed shortly after arriving at the scene). thankfully, a HUMMER (eric's embarrassment at this point is at an all time high) was there to save the day. he towed eric out of the puddle so that diane didn't have to, and probably wouldn't have been able to. i get the boys home, feed them dinner, and ethan starts to panic, "mom, i think my tooth fell out - MOM, i swallowed my tooth!!"

poor kid was devastated so we wrote the tooth fairy a nice note explaining our situation.

and wouldn't you know, she came anyway! start getting the boys ready for bed when a genius plan pops into my head. not wanting to repeat last nights fiasco, I pull ethan's mattress off his bed and put it in diane's sewing room. ethan is loving this idea, cohen not so much. both boys ASLEEP by 7:30. better than sex. tow truck finally makes it home.

we go to our friends house to hang for a bit, watch an illegal copy of lovely bones, not recommended, talk some nonsense and go home to bed.

SUNDAY: boys ended up sleeping 12 hours, hasn't happened FOREVER, eric woke up and went straight out to his car - it STARTED! got ready for church but had to leave early for choir. i guess eric wasn't ready right at 1:00 because everyone else showed up but him.
I text him at 1:15 - where r u?
e: printing my lesson.
j: hurry up!
1:20 - e: where are mom's keys?
j: what's wrong with your car?
e: uhhhh, won't start.
j: bleep. i am listing that car on craigslist when i get home.
1:30 eric arrives at church.
2:00 cohen falls asleep just in time to take him to sunbeams.

3:00 - i teach my lesson, go home, have some lunch, rotate some laundry, watch some football, car is still dead.
5:30 - i list the Rover on craigslist, anyone? anyone?
7:30 - watch Favre lose, lame. but on a positive note, boys are in their beds. asleep.

Will Monday ever come?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Easy journal

Ok, remember when I had a ventfest and posted THIS? Well, today I am eating my words - I gotta give props to one of "those" bloggers. Her last post on the 5 year journal actually had me intrigued. I went to the website and come to find out, there are tons of versions of this book. It's genius because it's formatted for just one line a day. Something I think I could handle. I bought the Mom's one line a day, I wish I would have started this 6 years ago when Ethan was a baby. I was horrible at writing down his firsts. I was thinking of buying a bunch for future baby shower gifts but I've got too many burp cloths lying around I better give those instead!!




Here's to 5 years

Ok, I guess I did have one thing to blog about. Ethan's D (diagnosis/diabetes) Day. He chose to celebrate at Chuck E Cheese. Ugh. Of course, I couldn't say no but I did suggest we eat somewhere else. Frozen pizza is not my thing. Eric surprised him with donuts, seen very infrequently at this house because he LOVES them - probably because he never has them. Then we moved on to ChuckE, played 30$ worth of tokens between the 5 of us...which only lasted a little over an hour. Grabbed some ChicfilA and them home to open a gift. He really deserves this day. We should probably celebrate it more often because of how well he does with all that goes along with the disease. He is a major stud, patient, brave, and never questions why. I am so lucky.


There hasn't been too much to blog about this week other than the weather. We've been shut-ins for the past week due to the crazy storms we've been having here. California sure shuts down at the slightest chance of rain, but this was a little more than a sprinkle. Tornadoes? In Southern California, who knew? I love me some crazy weather, the stronger the better!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

App store

I finally put my $15 gift card from Christmas to good use. Not all of these cost money by the way.

For the kids: Lego Photo. Changes a picture on your phone to a mosaic of legos.

This is a great app. The design of it and ease of use is awesome.

MyWard: syncs info from = calendars, directories, addresses, etc for the entire stake.

Church Bingo: Can't wait to put this to good use this Sunday. Below is an example. I can also install my own phrases that are commonly heard in my ward. How about "A voice of an angel"!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Best one yet

Thank you Panda Express fortune cookie people!

This is not false advertisting

It is, the perfect brownie.

Eric gave me this pan for Christmas. At the time I thought it was more for him than me but it really is a great pan. It does make the perfect brownie with slightly crispy edges on all sides. So genius!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010


My family is always able to cram an insane amount of activity into the shortest amount of time - it amazes me what we are able to accomplish. Take this past weekend for example.

Thursday: Arrive @2:30, check-in, get unpacked, play with cousins, hit the pool/hot tub, eat dinner, see a movie.

The highlight of the trip, the boys being able to hang out with their cousins.

Friday: go to airport to get Anne & Mike, come back for a bbq, tennis tourney, take kids to park, go to dinner, another movie.

Jaren @ the bbq

Cohen and his new racket

Dad/tennis pro

Dinner @ Rustler's Rooste
When I was a kid and my parents took us to Phoenix we went to this restaurant. We're talking 20+ years ago, and I still remembered it. It was like an upscale play place. The boys wouldn't stop, they were both sweating by the time his dinner was ready. Ethan went up and down the stairs to get to the slide so many times his blood sugar was low by the end of the night. Cohen didn't understand the slide rules. He kept cutting in front of everyone else, he'd just walk right up to the front of the line saying "watch out, my turn".

These three pictures will be posted just to show you how much cooperation I get when I ask people to "get together" for a picture. Thank you KC for participating. Notice which one is the most obnoxious. I'm sure you won't be surprised to see it's Eric.

Barfa & Balls

Sweet Spiderman balloon

Saturday: hike Camelback Mountain, tour Frank Lloyd Wrights Taliesin West, hit a fabric store, cook dinner, birthday party for Sam, Phoenix Sun's game, (attempted) another movie.

Sunday: church, lunch, pack, Packers game, drive home. Sleep.

Cohen's sweet mohawk - he woke up with crazy bedhead so we just went with it.

Even if you hate football, you gotta go to a Packer game just to people watch. They wear the crazies stuff.

THANKS Mom & Dad for another great trip! GO PACK GO!