Tuesday, August 31, 2010


WE ARE GOING BACK IN LESS THAN TWO DAYS!! We're all very excited over here if you can't tell. We've been looking for sites on craigslist ever since we didn't secure any during the competitive lottery that they have for reservations. We got robbed, the guy charged a crazy amount because demand is so great and because it's Labor Day weekend but we are still excited to go. Hopefully, it will meet or even exceed last years trip.

Maybe the best $100 I've spent at Costco

Last week Diane and I went to Costco. We weren't there to buy anything in particular and I think that's why I ran into trouble. I started browsing. Not good in most cases. However, I found a cheap underwater camera that turned out to be a decent buy. I am scared to bring my dslr around water. I do it, but it makes me nervous. And after what happened to my iPhone a month ago my water/electronics paranoia is through the roof. So, how could I pass it up? I think it did pretty well...

Summer Color

Toy Story 3

Anne & Mike recently moved to LA so Mike could start school at USC. Therefore, Anne is slowly introducing us to the many things LA has to offer. It really is a whole new world in Los Angeles, even though it's only 40 miles North of us. How many years have I lived in CA? A lot. Have I ever been to Hollywood Blvd? El Capitan Theater? The Kodak Theater? Mann's Chinese Theater? NOOOOOOOOO. Lame of me, yes. BUT, it is a zoo over there. I didn't like the feeling of being a tourist in my own state. However, I was glad we went and so were the boys.

They are OBsessed with everything Toy Story. In particular the Lego series. So, when Anne heard that Hollywood High School was hosting a Toy Story Fun Zone (to raise money for the school) held right behind the El Capitan theater she knew we had to go. It was HOT, I can only imagine the internal temperatures of those character costumes.

3D movie prior to the fun zone.

I'm not a fan of Buzz's creepy grin.

We always joke that my dad and Ethan have the same hairline. I think this is proof.

This was ten seconds before he took one jump and started crying. He looked pretty tough going into it though.

Martha doing her acrobatics.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yes I took a picture while I was driving.

Eric & I went to Monterey last weekend. We had to make it up there by lunch time which meant we left Orange County at 5am. Eric is not a morning person. Luckily for him, I am.

Barnes Visit 2010

We had a great couple weeks with Julie & Derek and their kids here. It's always a full house but it's great to have visitors. It was the first time I bet baby Carter, he is too cute. Ethan and Cohen were fascinated by him. And likewise, Addison was obsessed with the boys. She would follow them around and say "Coco" all day, to which Cohen would respond "WHAT?" and she'd say "Coco"... it was pretty cute.

We went to Knott's one day. Kind of a different story this time around than a little over a year ago.


Such a nice aunt I am - taking pictures of a sad little girl.

No this is not my diabetic son. How many licks do you think he had of this?? I think 4.

We also went to Huntington for our annual beach bonfire/bbq. I think Ed made the comment that it's good Julie and Derek visit because this is the only time he ever goes to the beach.

Derek's new obsession - Pillsbury breadstick dough wrapped around a skewer, cooked, then brushed with butter and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar - homemade churros. So good!

Does this baby look like his daddy or what?!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Recent finds

Finger Prints

Succulent frames

A new book for Cohen. For all those who love typography.

Banana's Mermaid Cuff

Boden shirt


Who's brilliant idea was it to go to Ikea? Every time we go there intending to buy one thing it turns into $200 of NOTHING. Here's how the boys keep busy while their dad strolls through the lighting section for hours on end.


Wow, really? I haven't been on here since July 7th? I got reprimanded today from Diane and last night from Eric so I guess I should catch up.