Sunday, September 27, 2009

I thought Macs don't get sick

My computer is ill. Some genius is attempting to fix it. Upon it's return, posting will resume. At least in it's absence I have plenty of DVR programming to watch. A week away in Seattle will do that to a DVR. More on that when the computer is feeling better.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

That time of the month, anyone?

Really? And yes, they sold.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


What's happened? I just saw my archive stats and couldn't believe that it's already September and I am more than 50% behind last years number.

I think my life has become both redundant and boring or else I would have much more to post about. Sad. Maybe I should just become one of those style blogs that just regurgitates pictures of things I find cute or interesting on other blogs/websites and say how I am just LOVING THESE, or ISN'T THIS PHOTOGRAPHER AMAZING, or how much I NEED A CERTAIN POTTERY BARN RUG BECAUSE IT WOULD JUST GO WITH MY FLEE MARKET FIND FROM LAST WEEKEND.... Then I would have 500 posts a year because it's so much easier to post about nothing. Why do we all visit these blogs that I speak of? All we are doing is 1. making them money and 2. making them think they are style experts. I am over it. I would much rather read about my friends new baby or a kids first day of school than someone I have never even met talk about a necklace they like and a photographer I will never hire. Ahhh, I feel better.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Those Disney people are not dumb. They sure know how to make a buck. Come to Disneyland free on your birthday, they say. And while you're at it, bring 10 friends and family members to celebrate the big day with you (each costing $72)... it will be the best birthday ever!!! Smart, they are indeed. We fell for it! But actually, of the six of us that went only three had to pay so that was a bonus. The reason being - Cohen is still 2 and not only was Ethan born on 9/11 but Ed also shares this birthday with his first grandson. So, for the first time in 14 years I ignored my ill-feelings towards Disneyland/crowds/lines/heat/over-priced food/walking and focused on Ethan. I think he had a good time. He isn't the most adventurous kid - I give him a year or so and I bet he'll enjoy it more. Cohen on the other hand will go on pretty much anything. Maybe it's because he's not old enough to know better. Thanks Anne, Ed,& Diane for coming along with us!!

Free Disney Pass

Ethan - hating the Buzz Lightyear ride

Happy not to be in a dark tunnel

Descending down into the submarine -
wasn't too happy on this one either

Mom, i see Nemo, i see Dorie, where's Darla?

Look at those eyes - lucy jean!

And her first tooth!!


Double trouble

HE LIVES! Cohen - in heaven

Aunt Anne on tea cups with the boys

Happy Birthday my sweet boy

Friday, September 4, 2009

It's official

Eric is once again a Land Rover owner. His 15 year obsession with this car has taken him to Birmingham, AL, where just minutes ago he just drove this bad boy off the lot. I think he is still just as shocked as I am that this transaction even took place. I'm not the type to agree to purchases like this and Eric knows it. Why you ask? Read the list...

1. this car was more money than the BMW
2. it's a 1997 vs a 2006
3. it has more miles than the BMW, 68K vs 40K
4. has no warranty like the BMW
5. gets horrible gas mileage
6. seats 6, but 4 of the 6 are sitting in jump seats facing each other
7. is expensive to fix
8. does not have bluetooth or nav

Should I keep going?

After a list like that he must be in LOVE. Does it show on his face?

Hmmmm....what should I do today? Go shopping? Sounds good.