Tuesday, January 29, 2008

nothing happening

There really hasn't been much to report for the last few days. All day Friday and Saturday I was getting the house ready for a showing on Sunday. Even though the house isn't officially on the market my agent thought these friends of her's would really like the house. Did they? Who knows. At least I haven't heard anything. So, I killed myself all weekend cleaning/painting/etc. I have a feeling this will be my life for the next few months.

Cohen has been sick for the past 5 days as well. He threw up on Saturday night and also on the way to church on Sunday. So, I got to drop of Eric and Ethan and turn around and go home to clean him up. He's had no appetite and the worst diaper rash I have ever seen. Such weird symptoms. I'm sure I will be taking a trip to the doc soon.

Today we ventured out to the children's museum again. It's just the right size that you can go through the whole thing in about an hour and a half. They have updated a lot of the exhibits since we were there last, it's much better now.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

truth be told

So I just got back from my second trip to the mall today. It wasn't all that successful. While at the mall, I called home...

Eric: Hello.
Me: Hey.
Eric: What are you doing?
Me: Striking out.
Eric: What do you mean?
Me: I'm not finding ANY dresses I like.
Eric: You're not finding any dresses that you like, OR any dresses that flatter your body...?....
Me: ......uhhhhh....uuhh......


A date for the ball

Every year Marquette puts on a Winter Ball. It's always sponsored by the senior graduating class. Of course, everyone is invited, it's not just a senior event, and of course, for the past 4 years we have never gone. So, when Eric mentioned it this year I said we should go.

Eric: I guess....if you want to. You know I don't like to dance.
Me: Well, you went to all of my sorority dances...
Eric: Yah, because we were dating and I couldn't say no.
Me: So, you didn't have any fun at the formals?
Eric: Yah, I had fun, but this is different.
Me: So pretty much what you're saying is that you put up with it back then, mainly for the free dinner and make-out session that followed, but now not so much?
Eric: Pretty much.

Therefore, that the last time I ever shopped for/purchased/wore a formal dress (other than a bridesmaid dress) was at the Chi Omega spring formal 1999, see pic. Wow, that was a long time ago. Mandy please forgive me for this... (i've already posted an old photo from chi o years of em and i don't think she would have liked the one i have of us. Plus you look just as cute in this picture as you do today - sad, i can't say the same for me.)

So, today I went to the mall thinking I will just look around for a dress. LOL. What was I thinking? I mean it was stressful to find a cute dress back in the day, why was I thinking it would be easy now? 9 years, 2 kids, a good 30lbs, and regulation underwear later I am stressing big time. Everything that I saw today looked like a mother-of-the-bride dress. Sweet! I am gonna be one hot mama!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Send out the vibes

Only in WI would there be an entire dessert display at the local grocery store, featuring green and gold baked goods in support of their football team. It's serious religion in WI - and it's all I have heard about for the past week. Every channel had some story running, at all times of the day, about the Packers. If they win today it is on to the Super Bowl! I really hope they do or else I am guaranteed a very depressed husband for the next few weeks.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thus, the necessity for the countdown on the right

This was taken at 8:54am this morning.
The weather man said we could get frostbite on any exposed skin if we were outside longer than 15-20 minutes.
-6 degrees! Are you kidding me?
10 bucks says there will still be fat, idiot, yellow body painted packer fans at the game tomorrow with no shirt on.

Olan Mills Awesomeness!

Remember back in the day when your mom would schedule the annual Olan Mills family photo? I wish I had some of mine to share, but I don't have my book from when I was young with me in WI. These gems were forwarded to me today from my MIL/Diane. Loved them so I thought I would share. Is Olan Mills still around?

"One of these things is not like the other!"

Bowl cut = glasses

Why did anyone ever pick this setting? A wagon wheel? What?

I'm hoping they are sisters, except they look nothing alike....

Wow. He scored.

He lost a bet. I think Eric has that shirt.

Never in my wildest imagination can I come up with something to say about this one.

Brothers? Wait, he's wearing a rainbow shirt. They kinda look alike - it's a mystery.

I hope this is really his violin and not just a prop.

I couldn't forget some Brown family favorites....

Friday, January 18, 2008

So who's with me?

Here are the current results of my previous poll. Since so many of you out there picked the Amazing Race, does anybody want to apply with me? I promise to be nice to you!!! LOL

Compete on American Gladiators (2) 11.76%
Sing on American Idol (1) 5.88%
Run the Amazing Race (9) 52.94%
Be the sole Survivor (2) 11.76%
Create on Project Runway (3) 17.65%
Be on the Real World (0) 0.00%
Strut on Next Top Model (0) 0.00%

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ooouh ooouh, ahh ahh

Diane gave Cohen a talking monkey named GoGee for Christmas. If you touch his feet and hands or bellybutton his lips move and he makes monkey noises. Sometimes he vibrates too. Well, Cohen did not like it at all. It really scared him. Here's a picture of him after seeing him Christmas morning. He couldn't get that thing far enough away.

So, ever since Christmas we have tried to warm him up to his new friend. We even made a home for him on Cohen's shelf, right next to Grandma & Grandpa Bishop.

Today I attempted for a little play date with GoGee. See for yourself...

Do NOT smile at me.

My kids are seriously draining me lately. All you out there ready for a complainfest? I cannot take them anywhere without them making a scene lately and I have no explanation for it. I suppose I could just chalk it up to then being boys, and I'm sure that's the comment that Diane will be leaving here in a few, but I need a better reason. Today I was at Joann fabrics and out of the blue Ethan decided he wanted to bite Cohen's hand, so hard that he left 4 big teeth marks. WHAT? Who are you? Cohen of course lost it, I don't blame the kid, it looked like it hurt, and I, while standing right next to the rack of very sharp scissors, wanted to grab a pair and shake them at Ethan - like, now let's see what you are made of kid!!...but I didn't...instead I put him in a shopping cart and parked him in a corner. I don't know what has changed in his head, but Ethan is constantly hurting Cohen for no good reason. It's like the jealousy that people talk about when #2 comes along has just begun. He never had it when Cohen was a baby. Why now?

Ethan's numbers have also been screwy lately and I can't get him back on track. They are hovering in the low 200's which hasn't happened since he got the pump. He spikes every night around 11pm for no reason. I have done all the calculations needed to figure it out and it's not working. So bugged.

Yesterday, I took Cohen to an ENT because the kid has had at least five ear infections since he was six months old. Of course, he recommended that he have tubes put in his ears. Anyone out there have experience with this? I guess it's just a quick outpatient surgery, but he still has to be put under. Freakkkkyyyy! I'm not a huge fan of toddlers on hospital beds. They always look like they don't belong because they are so little compared to the big beds. It will just bring back bad memories of Ethan hooked up to all kinds of monitors and beepy things. Nice.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Just got the Boden catalog today...it's bittersweet because 1. I have no money, 2. I live in WI where the high temp forecasted for Friday is 4 degrees (no joke) and all the clothes in the catalog are for spring, 3. My birthday isn't until April, thus no possibility of asking for them now, and 4. I really feel like I have no reason to dress this cute.

Wish List:

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Create on Project Runway
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Monday, January 14, 2008


Seeing this movie poster, assuming you've never seen it before, I ask; what is the first word that comes to mind to describe the people in the picture?

The answer I am looking for is: Wisconsinites

Eric is an indie movie fan if you didn't already know this about him. Back when we were first married he rented this movie against my wishes. I mean seriously, look at the cover. But of course, he won out. So we put it in and if I remember correctly, were pretty entertained. These two friends from Wisconsin, wrote, directed and starred in a movie about making a movie. So today while I was at the market who do I run into... the tall guy from this movie. He looks the exact same by the way. Thick flannel shirt, t-shirt underneath, jeans that haven't been washed in a few months and brown leather boots. I think he has the same eyeglass frames as well.

So I say to him in passing, "hey, loved your movies". Thinking Eric would be proud that I even recognized him. He just says "hey thanks" and keeps walking. But then I think the odd occurance of someone actually recognizing him, a no name writer/director, in a supermarket no less, intrigued him. So he turned around and came over to talk to me. Not sure if it was because I had no kids with me at the time, but whatever. He introduces himself, puts out his hand, (he's a man of the people), we shake and I ask if he lives around here. He tells me he lives in Shorewood, which is about 10 minutes away but that he brought his mom to help her shop. He goes on to tell me that he has some sort of movie playing at the Oriental theater tonight if I wanted to go I should stop by. I said thanks, and he was off. I'm pretty sure I made his day. But then the stalking began. I swear, around every corner there he was. Like he wanted to keep talking about his movies or something. I would be standing in an aisle minding my own business and he just kept walking by. Random.

While at the market I did notice that Pillsbury now makes a Toaster Strudel with Cinnabon flavoring. My dad worked for Pillsbury when I was growing up and pretty much invented the thing (with a few others I'm sure), but nonetheless I have always been a huge fan, especially of the cinnamon flavored ones. But, for the past 10 years I haven't been able to find them in any of the local stores. Today I spotted them. I held that package in my hand and actually thought about buying them for at least 30 seconds. If I wasn't trying to lose a few I'm sure I would have bought three boxes. Yummy!

BIF confusion

- I signed up on Karen's BIF. She has to get something to me within her time frame established. And because I signed up on hers it requires me to return the favor to her plus three (or however many I/you want to set it up for).
- I am now required to post something on my blog asking for three to participate.
- Karen is already guaranteed one because I signed up on hers, so technically I will be making 4.
- Therefore, my three are Molly, Natalie, and Martha just signed up.
- Now, Martha, Molly and Natalie all need to do a post like mine asking for three more participants. But, I am to receive something as well.

Go it?!??!??

Friday, January 11, 2008

BIF participants

1. Karen
2. Natalie
3. Molly

Anne - start a freaking blog already.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blog it forward

Ok, Karen's friend had this idea and I am all for it. Here's how it works: the first three people to leave a comment saying they want to participate will receive a handmade gift from me within the next six months. The only stipulation is that you have to have a blog, so you can do the same, and you have to pay it forward by sending a handmade gift to three other people. So, who out there wants to pay it forward with me??? Leigh, this is right up your alley....

Now, the dilemma is what I will be making! Maybe something with this cute fabric I found at Urban...

Thought of the day

This morning Ethan was pitching a fit, not wanting to take a shower. He kept saying I don't want to, I will be cold when I get out, I don't want to. So, I pretty much had to throw him in the shower myself. Of course, two minutes into it he refused to get out. He was enjoying himself!..... Now I don't get to share too many heart to hearts with Ethan, considering he is four years old, but at that moment I wanted to thank him for reminding me that a shower is a lot like sex and working out, you rarely want to do it, but after about two minutes in, you're kind of ok with it. I opted not to share such motherly advice, appropriate, I think not.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Pulling my hair out!

I think my MIL had it out for me when she bought me this for Christmas. She knows I like puzzles but this one proved to be crazy hard. Not only is the thing round, which made it extremely difficult (because I had to start from the bottom and work my way up), but I suck at geography. Prior to doing this puzzle I would have never known there is a country named Kazakhstan had it not been for a certain movie. The rest of my lackluster knowledge of the location of other foreign countries, comes from (hate to admit this) watching the Amazing Race. Pathetic. I am truly pathetic. I'm sure all of you out there know right where Burkina Faso is, right? Likewise, before Survivor, I had never heard of Vanuatu. Seriously, pathetic. I am happy to say I have learned a few things in doing this puzzle.
1. Uzbekistan is spelled with a Z.
2. New Zealand is a lot smaller than I imagined.
3. Alaska should have just been a part of Canada... the thing is way up there.

90% humidity

This is a picture from today around 12:15pm. I swear I have literally been living in a cloud for the past three days. The fog has been ridiculous. I guess I can't complain considering it was 60 degrees today. A new record for the state of Wisconsin. I'm sure it won't be here for long.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Holiday Highlights

So, it's been a while. Over two weeks in fact. I figured no one would mind considering I would be spending the break with the majority of my blog readers. It's amazing the things we squeezed into the past few weeks. We had a great break and are glad to be back for

Another quick visit to Monterey.

Gingerbread houses at Anne & Mike's in Northern Cal.

Cohen, sick of being strapped into his car seat on the plane and again in his stroller, decided he wanted to walk regardless.

The brave souls who rode the psycho state line roller coaster in Primm, NV.

We went to Vegas for the Pioneer Bowl game of BYU & UCLA - Unfortunately, we froze our aces off and BYU won, but we did get to go to the Rio buffet. YUM.

KC - a very patient uncle, was a total hit with Ethan and Cohen. I felt sorry for him by the end of the break, they would even follow him into the bathroom.

Sunny, warm, days at the beach in December...unreal.

Me beating everyone at Eric's annual birthday bowling event.
Eric claims he lost (by two points no less) because he didn't have his ball, bowling shoes, glove, wrist guard and hand powder. I guess that's what it takes to beat me!

This picture was taken prior to me testing Ethan before I went to bed. How he managed to get sideways like this and still be comfortable I have no idea.

Check out the amazing view from the beach house.

Being able to go to good movies and not worrying about the quality of the babysitter the entire time. Juno had to be my favorite of the break, although Simon Birch was a close second!!!

Quality Christmas gifts.

Eric's new glasses. He thinks they make him look very professional.

Fun times with the Brown's.
This was the first time we have been all together in 8 years.

This is what these three would have preferred to do all day everyday...
sitting on the couch watching sports 24/7.

The gigantic Fashion Island Christmas Tree.
The thing was massive - it seemed bigger than Rockefeller's.

Cohen quite possibly ate a whole crop of bananas, he couldn't get enough of them.