Friday, April 27, 2007

Today's report

How many bad words/thoughts come to mind when you see this picture? TOO MANY! Does 1/2 a pound count? Should I even admit to having lost any? I mean that's pathetic right? That's 8oz. One trip to the bathroom. Less than 1 diet coke. I guess it's going to take a little more than friendly competition. Say...$250,000. Isn't that what the winner of the Biggest Loser gets? I think it might actually take more than that though to get me in a sports bra and biker shorts on national tv. Yikes. All I can say is at least the number didn't go up. Lipo isn't in the budget at this point, but maybe on my 40th birthday it will be.

I'm not really 30....

...because the internet told me so. (For today I am choosing to ignore the old adage: don't believe everything you see/read on tv, the internet, or elsewhere.) Yes, today is my birthday, and yes I "legally" turned 30, but I am really 23.3 years old and I'm sticking to it thanks to Real Age. I took a test online today (and you can too) to figure out my real age. And according to these marvelous, wise, all-knowing, invisible age-calculating geniuses, they put me as 23.3! I'll take that over 30 any day. So now when people wish me a HAPPY birthday, I can positively say Yes! it is a happy birthday.

p.s. If my grandma is reading can still send the 30 dollar bills that you were planning on, you don't need to go by my new age and only send 23.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

NBC newsworthy

Last Friday I was awarded this very prestigious award by a friend of mine who has started a biggest loser competition of her own. It's very ironic that the second I start this competition I actually lose a few pounds. For two months I have been killing myself at the gym with no change. Weird how a little friendly competition can motivate you. Unfortunately, I am not as eager to weigh-in tomorrow as I was last Friday. I can pretty much assume that all that was lost last week was "water weight", whatever that means. I mean isn't the body made up of over 50% water? Then why do you stop losing water weight after week one? Isn't there a lot to go around? Too bad you can't sweat off fat.

Loser Award

For losing the most pounds in week one

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spiderman cont...

I caved. I am admitting defeat. I have officially gone against what I believe and hold true. I have become that mom. I am not proud of it. The only thing that makes the situation better is the fact that Ethan has never been more happy. You're asking what, what did I do? Well...I bought blinking action hero kids shoes. I vowed never to do this. And until today firmly believed it would never happen. But the look on Ethan's face was priceless. He is completely obsessed. My fear is that he will now want a pair of these in every size to come. I blame this shoe obsession on Eric. I mean he actually installed two shelves in our hall closet to accommodate his collection of Nike's. Now what women out there can say that their husband likes shoes more than they do? I want to know if you exist...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Obsessed with Spiderman

Mark my word...Ethan will request to be Spiderman for Halloween this year. He is completely obsessed with him. Drew and Sam sent Ethan a Spiderman shirt as well as a ton of other clothes and he has to wear this shirt as soon as it is washed. The other day his friend Logan had his 4 year old bday party and it was a Spiderman theme and he about died.

Now how are Diane and I going to make a Spiderman costume that doesn't just look like the cheap nylon pajama costumes they have out there? Sad that I am stressing about it already, but it has become a type of obsession of my own to out-do the previous years costume. In case you've missed them...


Friday, April 20, 2007

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Doublewide, sweet doublewide

So today I caught myself looking at houses for sale in Monterey, CA and I'm not sure I should have. Take this listing for example: 2 bedroom, 2 bath, in what we thought was a great little part of town, listed as not a single family home, but a MOBILE HOME!, and only $450,000. It's a freaking double-wide for half a mil.

Now I'm sure you're way, that's not possible. Well here's another listing for you. First off, the bedrooms aren't listed. All it says is 2 bathrooms and 1400sq ft. Mobile home, offered at $1,250,000.

Remind me again of the reasons to go back to California...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Vacuum cleaner and babysitter in one!

Who would have guessed that this amazing machine could serve more than one purpose? So, I have an iRobot vacuum and I use it downstairs every once and a while. Usually, I turn it on before I go to bed and it works until it's out of battery and then goes and recharges itself. Pretty amazing, huh! So today I turned it on while we were home because, well, it needed it, and Cohen was just obsessed with it. He couldn't take his eyes off the thing. I got so much done while he just watched it go from wall to wall, all over the carpet. I guess my carpet is going to be a lot cleaner from here on out.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

5" in April

No, that's not how much Ethan has grown in the month of April...that's how much snow we got today, thus far. AHHHHHHH! And it is still falling. Now I could lay down some serious swears right now but I will censor myself. I hate WI winters. They drag on for months and months. Get me out of this hellish frozen tundra!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Weekend in MN

For Easter weekend we drove to MN to visit the Calverts at their house in Eagan. Ethan was loving it because he got to hang out with Josh and Anna. He was uncontrollable. They had a great time at the Minnesota Zoo and the Children's Museum.

They also had fun finding the eggs we had hidden around the house. It was way too cold to do it outside.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Sunday

Cohen and Ethan got decked out in seersucker for Easter Sunday this year. I don't have any girls to dress up so this is the next best thing.

Monday, April 2, 2007

April is here

Today was fairly warm for Milwaukee so we spent most of the afternoon outside. Cohen was loving the swing. This weekend for Easter break we are headed to Minneapolis to visit my relatives and to go to the Mall of America. I hope the weather is nice, but am not holding my breath. On another note, it is now April and unfortunately, I am turning 30 this sad month. I really think 30 is more of a big deal than 40. We'll see how it turns out. I think I am going to go to bed...Cohen has his first tooth in and his second one is trying to break through so I am going to be up all night!! Adios.