Friday, April 24, 2009

This may be the 4th time I've used Car Conversation as the title.

E: Mom, why was Grandma talking about your birthday?
J: Because it's on Monday.
E: Really? What's today?
J: Thursday.
E: That's only four more days... I guess I will have time to wrap you a present.
J: Oh, did you get me something?
E: No, but I was just thinking what I should get you.
J: Really? What do you think I would like?
E: Um... a shirt with flowers on it.
J: Ok.
E: And some pants or shorts with flowers on it to match.
J: Hmmm. So, you think I would like that huh?
E: Yes. But I'm not sure there is a store where I can find both of them.
J: That's ok.
E: Maybe I should get you a t-shirt that says I love my mom on it. Or a pink necklace with a matching bracelet. (this kid is damn cute but doesn't know me AT ALL)
J: I guess you will need to go shopping with dad.
E: But he is in Utah. When will he be back?
J: Sunday night.
E: Well that's not gonna work.


Kenneth said...

Haha!!! Nice Eric! Same with Molly! I never know what to get her and when I get her something she always takes it back...guaranteed. Let's go camping soon

josieposie said...

Ethan not Eric!!

Robyn said...

Ha ha! I knew it was ethan talking! He is such a thoughtful little boy. He's always thinking about you. These conversations are going to be fun to look back on.

whitandjoel said...

Happy Birthday!

boysrus said...

Happy Birthday!

Through the Looking Glass said...

Happy Birthday, lady. Can't wait to see you in your personalized tee...

You've got awfully cut little men out there. I hope this year is a banner one and brings you happiness and wonderful surprises!

Sarahmanarah said...

So Cute! The other night I was mad at Cameron and when I went to bed Creed had put a love note on my night stand. What a sweet heart. It's nice to have tender hearted sons that make life bearable. I'll have to post the letter on my blog.

Sarahmanarah said...

PS happy birthday yesterday! Consider your cookbook your gift. Man I'm on top of things.