Monday, February 27, 2012

Pictures around town

Just a few random pictures taken of scenery around Monterey and Pacific Grove. Some with my iPhone some with the Canon. Such a beautiful place to live!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ethan's Basketball HEAT

Ethan signed up for basketball this year and was put on the Heat team with a few of his buddies from school. It is fun to watch Ethan get better with every game. He is not the most aggressive basketball player, nor the most skilled but this is only his second time playing. You can definitely see what kids have been playing for years. I am hoping Ethan will stick with it, he's a great defensive player!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pregnancy is a four letter word...

And it's spelled L A Z Y. I am seriously whack this time around. I feel like i am in a daze. Can I blame it on the fact that I have a female growing inside of me? I don't know why that would make it any different than my previous pregnancies. I am seriously LAZY with a capital L. Look at the last time I blogged...Lazy. There are so many examples I could list it's sickening. Starting with...

I can shop for groceries, even carry them into my house, but for some reason they stay in their bags for most of the day or even 2 days until I get them put away.
I can do the laundry, rotate multiple loads, but when it comes to actually bringing the clothes up from the basement it's just too much for me. They sit down there until Eric is yelling at me at 6:30am while trying to get ready for work, "where are all my whites?"
I don't shave my legs until Sunday.
I seriously cook out of guilt. The same boring meals we've been having for years that everyone is sick of. Why can't I bring myself to plan a menu, try new things, surprise myself and Eric once and while - Lazy.
Just today I actually accomplished something I have been meaning to do for months. Yes, months. I ordered stuff online before Christmas and just got around to sending it back today. Problems.
Sometimes I just stand in the kitchen staring out the window with a whole sink full of dishes in front of me but I just can't turn the sink on.
I truly don't care all that much that I look homeless when I take the boys to school.
For the first three months of this pregnancy I was for sure exhausted. You'd be correct in assuming that that's before the kids go to bed. I've since snapped out of the crazy tired stage but it's turned into Laziness and I can't turn it around. Please help me!! My mental status has been compromised.

My only conclusion is that the universe is trying to prepare me (and mostly Eric) for the absolute lazy ass I will become once this baby comes. And for good reason. I have had it easy with both boys in school. I have been able to accomplish most of the stuff I had on my list for the day. I cleaned the bathrooms weekly, changed the sheets weekly, helped out in Eric's office, ironed the ironing pile before it became a mountain, dusted, prepared decent meals, went to the gym, actually got myself ready in the morning, I took more pictures, and I think I was a lot nicer to my kids. Sadly, if I had to guess, most days they probably wish they still lived with Ed and Diane. I am kind of a chonch this time around. Maybe it's because Eric is already talking about the sibling this one is going to need since the boys are so much older than her. Maybe I am subconciously putting it out there that having me pregnant isn't good for anyone because I can't fathom having another child. I am old and feeling it. I think my overall view of this pregnancy and life in general would be greatly enhanced if I could just get over the laziness that currently exudes from me. Is there such a thing as pre-partum depression? Please advise.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Kindergarten DDS

Every February the ADA sponsors oral health month. Eric was asked to come speak to Cohen's Kindergarten class about keeping your teeth clean. Cohen was very proud to introduce his dad to his class. The kids were very eager to share what they knew about keeping their teeth clean. Eric gave them each a toothbrush and toothpaste to go home with.