Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Hatch's

This week is Ethan's Spring break and coincidentally, the Hatch's had time off too and decided to come for a visit. The last time we were together was back in May, 2005, when they came to Star Valley to participate in branding the Brown's cattle.



And since 2005, Sarah and I have both had another kid, who evidently, like each other!

Eric and Cameron were mission companions in Taiwan together and have kept in touch ever since.

Eric & Cam, snorkeling in Catalina

Us with the Hatch's & Hansen's, backpacking in the Tetons.

Hiking Timp. (Anne & I did it too, but I didn't like that picture!)

Thanks for making the trip down here - it's gonna be a fun week!


Robyn said...

Wait, I just commented on your last post! You are fast. Cool pictures. I love how the boys are all cool now in their shades and cool smiles now that they're all grown up!

leigh said...

too bad it's not our spring break this week too! we could have had a big huge party!

Sarahmanarah said...

Thanks for having us. It was a perfect vacation.