Thursday, March 19, 2009

Show Ethan the Money

E: Mom, I wish I was a person.
J: A person?
E: Yeah, like you.
J: You mean an adult?
E: Yes, I wish I would grow up, right now.
J: Why would you want that?
E: So that I can buy all the toys that I want and so I can just drive to Target and go shopping for lots of toys.
J: Well, you have to make money to do that.
E: Can you help me make money? How do we make it?
J: I mean, you will have to have a job, and go to work like Daddy does, that will give you money.
E: Or I can just ask for lots of toys for my birthday.

2 hours later (at Target)

E: Asking for a different item on every aisle.
J: Saying NO a hundred times over.
E: But mom, I will be your friend if you buy me this.
J: You need to be my friend regardless.
E: I am not your friend.

Yikes. I'm trying to remember how old I was when my parents started giving us an allowance for doing chores. I think it's time.


Through the Looking Glass said...

Ah, welcome. I've got the three olders who literally can't walk into a store with anything with things for sale - be it lawnmowers, dirt, or toys, without insisting they need it all and that I'm the worst mom on the planet for not given it to them.

I can't count the times I've been "the worst mom ever". Let them work out that frustration by washing walls for a quarter.

anne said...

washing walls for a quarter... hahahah. make him read books ;)

Julie Barnes said...

very cute. I say give him lots of "fun" chores like that!

anne said...


Robyn said...

Ha ha! That's funny. I think my sister said her son started being obsessed with money and buying things at that age too. I can't wait! Trent told me he wouldn't be my friend the other day when Jenna got hurt. She was crying and he said, "Mom, I am not your friend because Jenna is sad."
How did I get the blame for her bumping her head on his table? Whatever!!

Diane said...

We will work him so hard that he will call Aunt Marcia to be rescued! JK. I have extra change in the jar. . . I believe he does excel in cognitive thoughts though