Friday, October 30, 2009

Just the four of us

Ethan had the day off from school the past couple days and I was given free Legoland passes a while back so we decided it was time. The last time we went was when the Ehat's came to visit over a year ago.

I went back through our photos from previous visits to Legoland and was shocked when I saw this picture of Ethan. THE SHIRT!!! I had to post a picture. Cohen has like 30 shirts and he just happened to be wearing the same one... so weird.

Ethan now

Ethan last year

Eric getting watered

Cohen has NO fear - he kept asking to go on the roller coasters.

Ethan on the other hand, a little more timid. His posture alone compared to Cohen's riding the slide is hilarious.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I scheduled Zerorez to come out today to touch up Diane's carpet. Looks great, as usual! They showed up while we were at Legoland and the carpets were dry by the time we got home. If you've never used them you gotta do it!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween 2009, dress rehersal

Saturday night was our wards Trunk or Treat. As you can see from the photo shoot the boys, especially Ethan, had no problem getting into character.

Cohen lasted a lot longer than expected in his Spongebob costume. I'm not convinced he will be up for round two this Saturday.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Remember when I said Ethan is competitive?

Well, his competitiveness is in full swing thanks to these little guys, but in a good way. We started this little experiment the week after General Conference. I must say it is working. Ethan's jar is growing by the day, mainly because he's older and understands the concept. Cohen doesn't get it at all, but his jar remains to push Ethan to do more. Seriously, I am all for trying anything once. (total cost at Michael's was about $4.50 for everything!)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Liar, liar, pants on fire

This morning I took the boys to Jump & Shout, a local inflatables rec center where they can essentially, jump and shout. Amazingly, we had the whole place to ourselves which was nice because I didn't have to worry about them running into 18 month-olds or pushing slow pokes out of their way. But, inevitably Cohen got hurt at the hands of his older brother.

I hear Cohen crying so I look up from my book and see Ethan running over to me. He's already come up with a story...

E: Mom, Cohen was climbing up the bouncy wall and fell and he hurt himself, by himself.
J: Oh, really?
E: Actually, I am lying. But I didn't want to get in trouble. Actually, I pushed him.

I thanked Ethan for telling the truth, even though it was after telling a big fat lie, and after wiping some tears they ran off and went about their jumping and shouting.

Ethan has a good heart, but lately he has started lying, disobeying, and talking back like never before. What clicks in their heads that gives them so much confidence to do so? It doesn't help that he's super competitive, and not with things like organized sports or school work, but with his 3 year-old brother. Everything Cohen has or does he wants for himself. Isn't this usually the other way around? Doesn't the younger sibling always want what the older one has? I know for a fact this is how I was as a kid. I was the FAIR police. My own version of the F word, and boy did my parents treat it like one. They hated it when I said, "It's Not Fair", on a daily basis, round the clock, 24-7, and maybe even in prayers. I know my mom is loving this right now. LOVING IT!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I plead the fifth.

Ugh, this post is a hard one to write. Very hard. The sheer volume of BLUE in these photos is sickening. All I can say is that I was on drugs. Lots of them. Flu meds, sinus meds, fever reducing meds...the cocktail somehow led me to San Diego where I found myself sitting at Qualcomm stadium unsure of how I got there and even more confused by who I was there to see play. Apparently, I went to a byu game yesterday.

Dean flew in for the game. I think he brought all of Provo with him because there had to have been more Y fans there than SDSU fans.

I made Eric promise me that next year when the U plays in SD that he would be there with me. We'll see if he follows through.

We were sitting pretty close to the field and luckily had this guy to keep us entertained. He was pretty funny. Calling the cheers, dancing to the bands music, dropping into the splits....he was amazing.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

This is one store I feel comfortable posting my faves from without feeling like a totally lame blogger. It was always a must-stop store when we would visit NYC. Here are just a few from the most recent catalog.

Masking tape - just because tan is boring.

Blocks - anyone currently prego with a girl??

Clock - something for Eric

Bowls - aren't these awesome!!??

Wallet - and coin purse - for Molly or Martha!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One of each

It's great being the friend of a pregnant woman. Why? Because I can help plan showers for them and bring them meals after they deliver and make them burp cloths, all the fun stuff - but not have to worry about being that cute babies mother!

Sarah and I were kind of busy this month planning a couple baby showers for friends who are due this week.

First, Carly's shower. A GIRL! Something both Sarah and I have yet to experience.

Sarah's cute favors

Second, a BOY! Meagan's third. Congrats who's next?

My cinnamon rolls were yummy!

And check out the cute cupcakes and cake that Claudia made.

If you are my friend on Facebook....

....than you may have seen this recent status:

Today, Cohen's morning meltdown was for just this reason. He lost his Spongebob Legomen once again. And look where I finally found them... in a can a playdoh. Yep, after searching the entire house for 30 minutes only to give up and suggest we play playdoh instead.

What to do when you are sick.... about nothing. As in, hair dye.

He's 3!

Cohen turned 3 on Sunday. I am kind of relieved because now when people ask me how old he is they won't act shocked when I tell them he's three. Before, when I would say he is two they thought I was lying to them.

I feel bad because I was sick on Sunday so I took hardly any pictures and the ones I did take didn't turn out great. Eric did take some video so at least we have that. My parents and Martha came over for some dinner and birthday cake. My mom made the cake - he's kind of obsessed with Spongebob right now, just like Ethan was at this age. You will see Spongebob in a few posts to come.

It's amazing that he was once in an infant carrier, quiet, content, and very agreeable. Now, he is all over the place, loud, energetic, and bossy. I would say I like the baby stage better because of this, but then Eric would hold it against me.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Here are some pics Diane took while we were in Seattle. I can't believe how spoiled they were when we were gone. Dinner on trays in front of the TV? Geesh - I bet they were upset to see us come home.

Chalk art

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

RSM Young Women

Check us out on Meridian! Some of the pics I took from that night are shown (pic #1,3,5).

Mainpage link Story link

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


My MAC is back! Hallelujah. Actually, I should say, iPhoto is back. I have so many photos on my camera that I haven't been able to upload. So get ready for a whole lot of them...

So, what was supposed to be a trip to Hawaii, ended up being a trip to Seattle. How that happened... well, Eric and I had never been there before and kept hearing great things about it. I was probably complaining a little too much about how long the summers are in CA so the thought of vacationing in yet another warm climate didn't get me very excited. Plus, Molly & KC had a break and offered to be our tour guides (KC is from WA) so thanks to Diane & Ed we got to have our first real trip away from the kids in 10 years! Yippee! I must say it was a little weird not having them around all the time. It was really quiet at times. It was fabulous.

We were expecting a trip full of this:

But had mostly this:
It really was nice weather the whole trip except for one day. I know it's not always like that but if it were I think I could live there easily. (view from the space needle)

The Mariners were in town playing the Yankees and KC is a huge baseball fan so we headed downtown to Safeco field for a night game. The Mariners lost, booo. But, we still had a good time.

Eric being a dork.

People watching!

Sunday we went to church with KC's family. The woman I sat next to on the plane ride was sitting three rows in front of me at church. Totally random. After church we headed up to the Snoqualmie Falls. It was so pretty. Eric and I couldn't get over how dense all of the foliage is. It is green all the time. And it's all natural. It's not planted by the Irvine company. Imagine that.

The next day we went downtown again for some local grub and a walk around Pike's Place Market. The soup I got was yummy! KC bought some salmon at the fish market to cook that night back at his house. It was so good.

Space Needle

KC's dad - a true mountain man - took Eric fishing one morning. He managed to catch a fish or two but they weren't quite edible. Instead, KC's dad put them in a bucket in the backyard to try and lure the neighborhood bear in so that he could shoot it. It would be his third.

Eric's fish

And....KC's fish. It's ok Eric, yours is prettier.

As Ed would say, "truth in advertising". They specialize alright!