Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Water slide

Cohen has become fearless in the pool ever since I strapped his life jacket to him. He is a wild man. I forget that he is 3 sometimes because he is so eager to try anything, more so than Ethan at twice his age. So, when Cohen heard there was a water slide at the pool he was ready to go right then.

Nice wedgie!

Angel's Landing

On Monday, Anne and I got to leave the kids this time and we went on a hike. It was advertised to pretty much beware of death, so we were a little freaked out but cruised up the mountain in pretty good time. There were chains at the very top to help navigate the climb because some areas had 2000 ft drop-offs on either side.

This camera was at the top stuck in a tree. Weird.

Looking down on the shuttle buses.

Eric on the "wiggles". A set of switchbacks that were INSANE!!!

The "wiggles" - DIE!

Zion's National Park

This year's 4th of July celebration/my mom's 60th birthday bash was held just outside Zion's at a resort called Zion's Ponderosa. None of us knew quite what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised. My whole family made the trip to UT for the long weekend and we had a blast. The boys especially loved playing with their cousins. The resort had a pool, water slide, climbing walls, zip line, paintball, horseback riding, etc, etc - not to mention it was only 20-30 minutes to Zion's. Normally, we spend the 4th in Park City, but other than not having fireworks on the 4th, it wasn't missed.

The water fight from the previous post was my mom's fault. She likes to give the grandchildren a gift everyday to keep them busy. One day it was a rocket launcher, the next pool toys, then coloring books, etc, but it just so happened that one afternoon the toys happened to be for the son-in-laws. Super soakers. Super soakers led to bowls of water (for the girls that didn't get any weapons), which led to pots of water, which led to me grabbing my camera and threatening death to anyone with liquid that got my camera wet. I stayed completely dry!

On Friday, everybody but Anne and I (and the kids) went on an all day, 11 mile hike which ended in the Narrows. I wish I had pictures from this hike but had I gone my camera probably would have been ruined because of all the water. They were pretty thrashed after the hike. Eric has multiple toe nails ready to fall off. Ouch.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010