Monday, April 13, 2009

20 questions

E: Mom, I know how Santa gets in our house, but what about the Easter bunny?
J: Um......
E: Where does he come in?
J: I guess he just comes in the back door.
E: Oh, so we should leave his carrots here just so he knows it's our back door?
J: Sure, sounds good.

E: But the Easter bunny doesn't have a sleigh or a big red bag or anything.... how does he carry our baskets?
J: (this kid is killing me) Good question Ethan - go ask Daddy.

E: Mom, how did the Easter bunny hide all these eggs all over the house?
E: How did he get up so high on the chandelier?

E: How did he know how to write and spell all of these clues? (we sent ethan on a scavenger hunt to find his basket instead of just leaving it out)
E: I mean how did he know where we kept the vacuum?
E: And how did he know that the soda drinks are in the garage?
E: MOM??
E: Bunny's can't put big baskets in the dryer - they are too small.
E: How did the Easter bunny know that I wear a size small?

I don't think this bunny thing is going to last long.

If this didn't make up for the 20 questions I don't know what could.

Just call him Cohen TRUMP.
Eric put more product on his hair than I use in a week.

The post-nap picture is pretty good.
His hair is not meant to be slicked.


Robyn said...

Are you kidding me with your kids? They need to be models. They are so handsome!! The Donald Trump hair is JUST like Jenna's. I'm not kidding. Her hair has this long flap in the back like Cohen's. I think I'm going to have to start using gel on it too.

Ethan is totally figuring stuff out. What an inquisitive kid. How's the blurb going?

Sarah said...

I love Cohen's hair! I'm always one for using gel or wax on boys' hair. The bed head is awesome!

I was just catching up on your blog and I am very impressed at your photography skills. Those fish pictures are awesome!

Next time you go to the bounce house give me a call. My pass just expired but I'm all about buying another one. Nathan loves that place!

Karly said...

I am LMAO about his hair!

Through the Looking Glass said...

Josie, Josie, Josie...

The answer to all these questions is, wait for it...

The Easter Bunny's magic! Doesn't that shut the kids up at your house? We us "magic" for everything: Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa, the Leprechauns, Mr. Peeks at Christmas (I know - too many fantasy characters here) but the answer has always been "it's magic". Someday they're going to doubt magic as the catch-all, but for now it works.

I love the messed up greaser hair and that pose it killer. He looks EXACTLY like his momma! And I agree, you both should be in pictures!

tonya said...

Ha, the questions crack me up. My Ethan must have asked me 8 times this past week if the Easter Bunny is real. Everytime, I would say, uh, what do you think? I love the magic of Christmas, but I have a really hard time with a giant bunny bringing us candy and eggs to celebrate Christ's resurrection. It's just too much of a stretch for me, I guess.

with love, r said...


molly oliver said...

how does the easter bunny know I am a size small? Haha that is a good one. I cannot believe how fast Cohen is growing up. He is totally maturing in his little face.

Kenneth said...

Ernie McCracken...all I gotta say! Hilarious

anne said...

The "soda drinks." haha. Why is that so funny to me? Ethan just has a funny way of saying things. Love him. And coco's hair is awesome. Nice work, Eric.