Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ethan's school has a jog-a-thon every year to raise money for the PTA. This year it kept getting postponed because of bad weather and I can't say the day they finally had it on was all that great either. The field was wet and slippery and the air was cold and damp but he still managed to sweat. I put one of those Nike+ pedometers in Ethan's shoe to calculate how far he ran. I'm pretty sure I should have calibrated it first because it said he ran 2.65 miles in 28 minutes. Not sure that's even possible since he walked for some of it.




Ethan's teacher - the appointed school mascot!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Aarrrrrrrgggggggh Mateys

Ethan is now a Pirate! He sure is making the rounds with his team names. First he was a Dodger, then a Yankee and now a Pirate. I need to ask him which his favorite is. This year has been a breath of fresh air because his skill level has gone up so much since last year. It was pretty slow the first two years when they used the T or had the coach pitching to them. They have moved onto machine pitch which is so much faster and more fun to watch.

At Saturday's game Ethan was given the game ball because he did a great job!

There's no yawning in baseball.


Thank goodness for the cup he was wearing.
He didn't even feel it. (pitching machine is 30mph)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Monterey Bay

Last weekend we jetted off to Monterey for a quick weekend away. The traffic was a joke heading up there, it ended up taking 3 hours more than normal....thank you LA/Friday commuters. What is it about kids and hotel rooms? It's like some magical fairyland no matter the star rating or amenities. We kept taking the boys to fun parks and beaches and they just wanted to get back to the hotel. Weird.

Dennis the Menace Park

This table was from the playground at a local Elementary school. I thought it was hilarious. Sad for the kids allergic to peanuts though. What if there's only one kid with a peanut allergy and he has to sit alone?


I'm way behind and I know it. I haven't been taking pictures or very motivated to blog at all. But, we got a new MacBookPro so I figured I have no reason not to anymore (my iMac is so frustrating and old so it made it no fun to blog). Plus, I need to finish my 3rd blogbook so I gotta catch-up. Bear with me while I post stuff from a long time ago.