Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One week away

Back when I posted this, I thought it would be no sweat accomplishing 21 things before my 31st year disappeared. Well, it's crunch time and I am feeling the heat. The bold items are things I still have yet to accomplish.

1. Read with Ethan more.
2. Save as much money as possible to speed up the student loan repayment.
3. Start washing my face at night, no I have never done this.
4. Lose the weight that babies and marriage have given me. Oh and cookies and brownies and everything else I have eaten along the way.
5. Raise money for Ethan's JDRF walk.
6. Maybe do some visiting teaching?
7. Clean out my closet.
8. Sell old things on ebay.
9. Smile more.
10. Go to bed earlier.
11. Apply for a patent on such things not to be discussed without a patent.
12. Take C to the park more - once it gets below 80 degrees here.
13. Write up a will.
14. Sew a skirt with the sewing machine that is getting dusty and the pattern Diane picked up a few weeks ago. ( I need to do #4 before I do this)
15. Finish the books I have started and put aside.
16. Take the boys camping again. (it's planned)
17. Have a low key Christmas. Do not go overboard on gift giving - try to prepare ahead of time.
18. Buy myself flowers every once and a while, if I didn't it might never happen.
19. Replace soda with water at home.
20. Learn how to edit our home videos so that I can burn them onto a DVD.
21. Be grateful always. (always? HELP!!!)

I will need to start a new list next Monday and maybe carry over a few that haven't happened yet. I will be thinking this week of things to add to the list. For sure one will be to finish my BLURB book. I am 6 months into it and already have over 100 pages. This years book is going to be twice as long as my first book was, but I am excited for the finished product!


anne said...

wow- you've accomplished a lot. and think of all the other stuff you've done that wasn't on this list. you didn't make a skirt, but instead you made me the cutest homemade burb cloths. i could go on and on giving you substitution examples but i don't want them to get to your head. you know how awesome you already are! here's to another year!

Through the Looking Glass said...

Good for you for what you did accomplish - I still can't believe you don't wash your face at night since you have such perfect skin. Keep the list coming because it seems you're doing such a good job.

Robyn said...

Wow, you've actually accomplished a lot. My list would be all bold with maybe one unbold. You have the best skin. I wouldn't start washing if my skin looked that good! I didn't know you could sew either! You are full of many hidden talents! You forgot one: sing in church! Please! I hear that you have a pretty voice!!

Sarah said...

I know that you have accomplished #6- you are an awesome VT companion! You're always so on top of it. I think you should be pretty proud of what you have accomplished. That is such a fun idea to make a list every year. I might have to copy this idea...

Glad you had a fun birthday!