Monday, April 27, 2009

Lacking Inspiration

One would think that all kinds of projects would spring to mind after seeing such cute fabric, but I am seriously struggling. I bought most of this over a month ago and still have yet to put it to good use. My favorite is this Orla Kiely tablecloth that I found at Target. Super cute don't you think? Anybody out there about to have a baby? I can whip out a few burp cloths if you are in need. I read all the design/mommy/crafty/leigh.hansen/martha blogs out there and nothing is jumping out at me. AHHHH! My creative juices just aren't flowing lately and it's kind of getting to me. Days kind of run together and responsibilities never seem to disappear. If only there were more time in the day, but who am I kidding, if I had two more hours I would probably spend it watching TV or sleeping. So back on the shelf these go, maybe you all have an idea for me that I have somehow missed.....


leigh said...

jos - you just need to start quilting.

i almost bought that tablecloth too, but i have SO much fabric that isn't made into anything I decided againts it. every time i see it i think, i should have bought it!

you could also make a beach bag. i could find you a pattern if you're having a hard time. or you could make some pillow cases for your little guys. they're easy and the kids love them (but only if you're willing to give them your nice fabric!)

Cortney said...

i think you should make Roxie a little pinafore with matching long length ruffled bloomers. just a suggestion.