Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Dean!

Today is Dean's birthday! It was so good to see you a week ago - too bad you weren't down here this weekend so we could celebrate. Cohen misses you terribly. We hope you have a great day.
Love, EJE&C

(single ladies - contact me for Dean's digits)

Fried Chicken

On Wednesday we headed over to my Mom's to hang out at the beach. Liz from NYC was here on vacation for a week or so. The boys had a blast playing with her three cute kids. Too bad they live on the east coast. I got burnt to a crisp sitting at the beach and I wasn't there all that long. Apparently, I am a little naive when it comes to the suns rays when it is overcast. I'm still feeling it.

Beach fog/cover trying to burn off.

C, having a snack.

Liz & Wesley having a sword fight.

Short but sweet

I got to take off to San Fran last weekend (without kids!) to visit Anne & Mike and Molly & KC. Anne & Mike recently moved from the East Bay to the city so it was fun to see their great apartment and where they work. I had visited them before, but we didn't spend any time in the city. Molly & KC live relatively close so they were able to come over on Sunday to hang out.

Saturday we grabbed lunch at the Ferry Building and walked all over Union Square. The highlight was shopping at Britex Fabrics. My pictures do not do it justice, the website has tons more. Anyway, it is four solid floors of every fabric, trim, button, lace, remnant, pattern, bead, glue, needle, scissor, color you could possibly imagine. I have never seen anything like it. I want to go back and take Diane. Her busybook making would reach a whole new level (not that it needs to by any means) after one visit to this store.

Then we picked up a few cute outfits for Cohen at Small Paul's big sale and moved on to the busy streets of Chinatown. Anne lives in a really nice area of the city and I was really surprised at how big her apartment was. I was totally expecting it to be a closet but I could definitely live there. Bad thing about it though was that they have never lived in an apartment of their own since they got married (they have been house sitting) so they had NO furniture. So, leave it to me to drag them to Ikea that night. I have been to my fair share of Ikea's but that one was a zoo. I couldn't believe the check-out lines took a good 30 minutes to get to the front. Nightmare.

Sunday, we headed up to their ward for the first time. It's only one of two buildings in the city and it's only 2 blocks away so that is really nice because there is no parking. Their ward is like 50% dental students, so lucky for them they have tons of young couples to hang out with. Then it was back to the apartment for Sunday dinner, the closing ceremonies, and plenty of Ms. Pacman. Mike is obsessed. Em was coincidentally in town for a funeral so she came over for a quick visit. It's always good to see Em!

Monday, we toured more of the city and I was off - back to the exciting life of a mother of two boys... I'm sure Eric (and Diane) was relieved.

Belated Birthday

Diane's Birthday was the day before I left for San Fran. We all went to a Mexican restaurant that night and she wasn't too happy about the birthday song she was sung.

When I asked Ethan if we should get Grandma some flowers for her birthday he said, "No, she needs some red balloons". At the time I didn't realize the balloons were really for him...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blog Shuffle

Have you ever been so bored that you clicked on the "next blog" link at the top of your blog? I did that just now. If only I spoke some different languages. I did learn about goats, real estate in the Phillipines, 100% Mexican Musica, and someone who loves herself a little too much. Apparently, to have this link at the top of your blog is optional because after about 20 strange blogs I came to one that didn't have it and thus, my shuffle ended.

It's my fault women are hitting on my husband

Last night at dinner...

E: Today, I was getting my teeth cleaned because the hygienist had a cancellation and while she was cleaning my teeth she commented on how smooth my skin was. She wanted to know what kind of moisturizer I used.
J: She already thinks you are way metro, what did you tell her?
E: I just told her I used an aftershave. I didn't want to get into how I exfoliate.
J: So, was she hitting on you or did she really want to know about your skin care?
E: She's married.
J: So. Was she hitting on you?
E: No.
J: Would you know if she was hitting on you?
E: Of course I would know.
J: Really?
E: Jos, it happens everyday.
J: speachless.... IT DOES?
E: Uh huh.
J: What do they say to you?
E: Would you prefer your place or mine?

Now I thought he was kidding around with me until this afternoon's conversation.

Phone rings:

Diane: Hello.
Lady from ward: I was just in Dr. Penrod's office and let me ask you... When did your son get to be so handsome? I mean, he is really handsome. I remember seeing him after his mission, but I don't remember him being so handsome.
D: Oh, well, thank you..?

A lady from the ward is saying this, a married lady, about Diane's married son, to Diane... is that weird?

Phone rings again:

J: Hello
E: Hi.
J: Apparently, (sister ___) wants to have your babies.
E: laughing
J: Eric, I really don't like hearing about all these "supposed" come-ons you are getting.
E: Then I won't tell you about them anymore.
J: (thinking to myself) Is he just saying all this to get me to be nicer to him? Or to have more sex with him? Still thinking... cause I don't know if it will work....
J: So, what do they say to you?
E: Jos, I just tell them no thank you that I am happily married.
J: (no buying it) Right...
E: If YOU would just get me a wedding ring that doesn't bug when I wear gloves it would be fine.
J: Oh, so it's my fault.
E: Yes.
J: If gloves cover said wedding ring then what's the difference?
E: I gotta go... patient is here.
J: Is she ugly?
E: Click.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who, what, where, when and

Why. It's the one that's always the hardest to answer. Always the toughest to understand. The one that takes the most thought and careful consideration. A question that rarely has an answer. So, I ask you, why ask why? Throughout my life there have been many occasions in which I asked this question. And the majority of them remain unanswered. Unfortunately, trials are a part of every day life. They come at you when you least expect it and throw you into a tail spin of doubt and despair. If you're lucky you come out on top, changed, but stronger. A few years ago I delivered a sweet baby that we named Noah. He was one of the biggest Why's I have asked in my lifetime. Today, I have a very dear friend struggling with the same reality. It breaks my heart to see her go through what I had to go through. I want to tell her that everything will work out and that good will come from it, but I was told the same thing and it didn't help. I wish I could remove this burden from her and bear it myself, knowing that I survived the first time and could do it again, but it isn't up to me. I can only hope that she will get an answer when she asks the question - why?, and that it will bring her peace.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who's with us?

Today I attended the Orange County Chapters' kick-off event for this year's JDRF Walk. It is going to be held at UCI on Sunday, November 9th. They sure put on a nice spread to get us motivated to raise tons of money for them. Now, if they would just save the money they spent to wine and dine us at the fancy Hilton Huntington Beach, then maybe they would have found a cure by now.

Our friends and family members have been so generous in the past to support Ethan in his Walk to Cure Diabetes. Thank you! This year we are crazy excited because we won't be walking alone. Now that we are in CA we are hoping that many of you out there will join us at the walk. If you would like to donate or register as a walker, click the link below. I am thinking there needs to be a few corporate sponsors out there... Zerorez?, Arbonne?, CWL?, Penrod Dental? Who's with us?

Donate/Join Team!

If only there were 40 hours in a day and my kids slept for 30 of them...

...This would be my next obsession.

Oh, and if only there were unlimited funds in my
bank account that allowed me to spend
$16-25/yard on fabric.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And the calling is....

... team teaching the 14-15 year olds. Yikes. I remember when I was that age how inattentive, uncooperative, and down right obnoxious I was when it came to my attitude during Sunday school. Karma is a big fat bee-yotch.

I wish I could, I promise

In response to Paige's post, Eric and I were talking about this topic just last night. I myself have not been blogging nearly as much as I used to in WI. I have concluded that blogging was a lot more doable there because of the location of the computer. It was set up in our basement family room where the kids could watch tv, play with their toys, and actually leave me alone for more than 20 minutes. Our computer now resides in our bedroom. How much fun is that for two boys? Therefore, for me to blog, upstairs, in my bedroom, means the kids are either asleep or somehow miraculously involved in something that allows me to slip away. So, I will try to be better - because if it wasn't for this blog there is no way I would ever remember 90% of the stuff that goes on in my life.

More baseball!!

This past Saturday uncle Dean was in town so we all headed to the Dodgers game in LA. I couldn't remember the last time I was in that stadium so it felt like the first time. We lucked out that they were playing the Brewers. Notice Eric's shirt.

I was surprised he didn't get heckled, especially since the Brewers won. Cohen's favorite thing about baseball games are shelling peanuts. He probably ate a whole bag. I won't go into too much detail about the bm he had the following day but it was...

The team celebrated 50 years after the game where they let all the fans down on the field to enjoy a firework show. Gotta love summer nights in Southern California.

How can I say no?

What is it about church callings that totally freak me out? I hate the anticipation of waiting for the phone call, asking me to meet with the bishop. I speculate for days about what it could possibly be and I am always wrong. Hopefully, tonight I will be pleasently surprised. Nothing is worse than moving to a new ward, knowing no one, only to be put in a calling where you interact solely with 2 year olds. The appointment tonight is for both Eric & I... activities? team teach? ward missionaries (oh please no).... we shall see.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Clock watching

It's 4:30. That time of day when the kids have exhausted every possible activity and are now picking/fighting/annoying each other to the point that I want to lock them in a closet for the rest of the night. Back when Eric was in school this was just about the time he would be calling me to tell me he was on his way home. I looked forward to that phone call ALL. DAY. LONG. 4:30 has now been bumped to 7:30+. 7:30!!! Translation: 3 extra, single mom hours of the boys picking/fighting/annoying each other to the point that my jaw hurts from clenching so hard. Granted, my reward now when Eric comes home is cash, but it's still a long day.

Ethan starts school on September 2nd. Today we went to his school to register for his class. I think there are four Kindergarten classes. That's 100 five year olds. I guess one benefit of living in OC - kids. Hopefully, they are not all spoiled rotten. I am just waiting for the day when E comes home and asks me if he can have an ipod or cell phone. I see kids with them his age and it blows my mind.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Lil' Swimmers

The boys and I ventured out to the neighborhood pool yesterday because Diane's pool was being treated for some algae so we weren't supposed to go in it. Fine with me because the boys loved this other one. There was a kiddie pool that Cohen could go in and not wear his floaties. And the big pool's depth was only 3.5 feet which is better for Ethan because he can touch. Usually, he just plays in Diane's jacuzzi because the pool is too deep for him. He's not a big fan of water at all so this was progress. Even more important though - I realized yesterday at this pool that not everyone in Southern California is 5'8, 110lbs, tan, with fake boobs. I almost felt like I was back in WI and it felt GOOD.

My baby is now a big boy

Time for a real bed? I think so. However, I was very afraid that he wouldn't get the concept. Ethan was really good about his big boy bed. He loved it and stayed in it from day one. But Cohen is a different story. The kid is always so wired at bed time. This crib of Diane's was probably thanking me for retiring it back to the garage. It's amazing after all the abuse he gave it that it was still in one piece.

So Wednesday night we went to Ikea (I really wish I could buy stock in that company) to look for a bunk bed for the boys. Ethan had been sleeping previously in Diane's guest room queen bed and though it was very cozy and served it's purpose, he was just swimming in it and it didn't leave much room for playing toys. They were loving it at Ikea, testing out (jumping on) all the different mattresses and bunk bed sets. So, by the time we got it home I think Cohen understood what was going on. He loves it, even tucked himself in last night. Today at nap time I was worried he wouldn't stay in it but he's in there fast asleep. Hopefully, I am not jinxing myself.

Los Annhelles

Monday's outing: the Angels game in Anaheim

This was Derek's first visit to Angel's stadium and luckily they pulled out a win for him.

This guy was sitting in front of us. I'm always a sucker for first names that are spelled weird.
Jaxxson - impressive.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

the Barneszzzzszesessss

Julie & Derek have been in town for the past week and a half, and because of the fun that has ensued there has been a significant lack of blogging. Oh well - I haven't even missed it.

This past Tuesday I survived my first earthquake. I was actually on the phone with a customer service representative from my insurance company in Wisconsin when it happened. I said to the lady, I think we just had an earthquake, and she started freaking out - like are you ok? is there any damage? But, it was pretty mild I guess - it swayed the house a little bit and the chandeliers were swinging but it was pretty short. The shorter the better that's for sure. I'm sure the big one is coming though.

Eric was at work and actually had a drill going in someone's mouth. How terrifying that must have been for that patient. His first full week of work went great. After only one week his average daily production is more than the last associate who had a few years experience.

The boys have been very fascinated with little Addison. Ethan has been very helpful and Cohen has been more on the jealous side (when I am holding her) but it has been fun to meet her - she is too cute!

The guys installed a new basketball standard for the pool. I thought this picture was a little freaky - it looks like Eric's ghost rising out of the water.

Yesterday we hung out at Corona Del Mar beach. It was kinda cloudy but still nice to be at the beach. The water was actually pretty warm.

Eric & Derek on their boards

I'm not sure what's going on here....

Martha decided to come down to the beach with us after her momentous day at the Apple store where she purchased her long awaited IPhone. I guess it just tuckered her out, waiting in line all that time because she slept the whole time. OR maybe it was her choice in reading material?