Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Dad's OCD

The other day I was at my parents house, and if you don't know my dad then you don't know his garage is HIS literal scrapbook of sorts. He lines the walls with framed pictures, mugs, license plates, posters, tools, books, maps, anything that means something to him. It has been this way in all of the houses my parents have owned, and they better think quickly about renovating/expanding because there isn't one more inch of wall to cover.

So, as I was looking back at all our old pictures I saw this one and it made me think of my blog post all about Olan Mills. I think every family must have one of these. What is my hair doing and why am I the only one NOT wearing red, white or blue? What's that about Mom?

These are pretty funny as well. Love the collar up - and with a turtle neck underneath. I must have been sweating. Who's idea was it to cut and perm my hair...?

Oh, and check out the picture above of Emily and her teal shirt and pink tie and beads. SWEET!

Then, there was this one, just for fun!


Robyn said...

Wow, that garage is a dream to me. I love organized spaces with sentimental stuff. He sure likes his mugs! And whoa, what a beautiful family picture! What ever happened to Olan Mills? Our family has one of those too! I think everyone went there, especially Mormon families. How did they ever go out of business? Nice school pics too. One of these days I'll dig mine out and post them.

molly oliver said...

I have seen his garage for so long that it looks so normal. It is funny to remember that not everyone is as neat as Dad. Do you remember when Dad had us all come out to his garage/office in Irvine and ask what was different or had changed and we couldn't figure it out. Finally he told us and it was he stuck 3 inch white duct tape on the concrete to make "parking spaces" for our bike tires.

Sarah said...

We totally have an Olan Mills family pic from back in the day! You were such a cute kid- it's fun to see all your pictures!!!

Laurie, the girls and Scott said...

I remember all of those pieces to the scrapbook. I think I've seen all that stuff in at least four different states. That picture of Emily with the blue shirt and pink accents was my inspiration for my 80s costume one Halloween. Remember the fashion show you guys were all in? That was my favorite Josie hair moment.