Friday, July 18, 2008


I haven't had a ton of time to sit down and edit the 559 pictures I took in Tahoe, no joke, it's that darn sport mode that snaps a picture every second....the pictures really rack up. So, today I was trying to sort through them and I ended up finding some real winners. Well, they are more like flops, but they are pretty entertaining.

1. KC - that's not going to end well.

2. Molly - where's the board?

3. Molly

4. ME! - body parts everywhere!

5. KC - for a great face enlarge the photo.

6. Eric - trying to hold on.

7. Jaren - he doesn't fall.

8. Martha - PERFECT 10!

9. Martha's face plant.


Kenneth said...

Do i really have cheek rolls like that? That's embarrassing. It looks like I just inhaled the worst smell on the face of the planet. I love how everyone is trying to catch themselves on the water like they can prevent the inevitable or something.

martha said...

That wasn't a face plant that was a perfect dive. Thank you.