Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just ask Diane

This is Diane's latest find from QVC.

I really think she has missed watching it since we have been living here. She claims it's TV for lonely people so maybe that means she is ok with us being here, in her business 24/7, but now we don't get to benefit as much from her sweet finds.

This however, is worth a trip to She had me try it today and I LOVE it! The kind I have used for a while is now discontinued so I have been buying mascara every time I go to Target, hoping I would fine one I like. It hasn't worked. Seriously, this stuff is good.


Karen said...

What kind do you like that's discontinued??

What do you like about this stuff?

I'm still of the belief that drugstore mascaras work just as well as high end. Besides, it's not worth it to me to pay so much just to replace it every 3 months!! Still...I'm a sucker for new products...I'll try anything!

josieposie said...

karen - i used to use maybelline's illegal lengths. this stuff works as well or better. it doesn't flake at all and it totally separates each lash. it worked for me for sure! i have tried cover girl, other maybelline's, revlon - everything.