Sunday, July 6, 2008

Life has a way of repeating itself

We just returned from a long trip in Northern California. It included us camping for a few days and then heading on to Lake Tahoe/Truckee for a reunion with my family.

The trip started out here:

Camping for three days is the perfect amount of time to feel...
a. sufficiently dirty.
b. abundantly aware of how precious a refrigerator, sink and running water is.
c. grateful I do not share a bed with Ethan.
d. at one with nature.
e. ready to go home.

We had a great time hiking, cooking, star gazing, roasting marshmellows, taking pictures, and just hanging out. Upon our return it became clear to me that Eric's childhood played a significant role in the activities he now chooses for his own family to participate in. It really is crazy to me the similarities of these photosone of which were staged.

Posers now:

Posers then:

Backpack w/ child now:

Backpack w/ child then:

Camp site/tents now:

Tents then:

Cooking JiffyPop now:

Cooking JiffyPop then:

I am so glad I was brought up camping as a child as well. I am sure if I dug through my parents house I could find some similar pictures of myself camping as a kid. But because Eric has a younger brother (similar to Ethan and Cohen) it makes the similarities all the more.


Annie said...

It's refreshing to see fun family traditions like this being passed down and the evidence of it is so cute besides.
p.s. - you look happy.

Diane said...

Every picture is worth 1,000 words. Anyone wanna hear my side of the story?

Anne said...

I miss camping. Glad you guys took the time to go. Eric's taste in clothing hasn't changed much either. He started sporting the Nike T-shirt a long time ago... Diane, I love Julie's bonnet.

Kenneth said...

What?! No pictures of you guys surfing? When is that post coming?