Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So long old blue

You were a great car. Pretty, stylish. shiny, durable, rugged, full of cargo space, and very easy to scrub after the frequent vomiting episodes. We took trips with you... many from Milwaukee to Chicago, where we bought furniture from Ikea and you carried it all the way home from us, on your roof. Though you were expensive to fix we still loved you very much. I hope you will be happy with your new owner, Saed Quitakhasam, he probably won't throw up on you.... until he goes to the gas station and sees this:

(actual last tank purchased - it came out to an even 100$, with no top off - what are the odds?)


Molly said...

Dude if someone will buy your car that gives me hope that someone will want mine. What have you decided on to get in replacement? Can you post mine for me?

Karly said...

$100.00 IS SICK!!!!!!!!!!!