Monday, July 21, 2008

To market, to market, to buy me some eggs

April 26, 2008: A price check of five Milwaukee-area supermarkets last week turned up a range for a dozen eggs from $1.27 at Woodman's Market in Oak Creek to $1.78 at the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Mukwonago.

July 21, 2008: Josie visit's a Pavilions grocery store, where she pays $5.99 for 18 eggs. 18 EGGS! WTH?

I am feeling it. It has become abundantly clear to me just how expensive it is to live in Southern California. Now I know the cost of food is rising all over the nation, but S. Cal is ridiculous. It almost makes me want to move to the sticks, raise my own chickens, and wash my own laundry. Almost.

As of late I have been shopping for a car, which was resolved this past weekend. Finally. And because we have been looking to buy a car, I've also had to research car insurance because the company I had in Milwaukee does not insure motorist in the state of California. Why you ask? Well, my lawyer FIL tells me it's because they don't want to find themselves in a bunch of law suits. Which makes perfect sense. So I go looking for insurance...and it sucks. The companies who do insure people in this great state, do so at such a cost that it almost makes me want to get in an accident just so that I can see my money going somewhere.

Case in point. We insured two cars in WI, insured two people, and paid roughly $100/month. In CA, we are insuring one car, two people, and are paying $115/month. Feeling it.

So, this leads me to contemplate, ad nauseum, the reasons for moving back to CA. Eric likes to stir the pot by talking all about how comfortable we could be living back in our house on MacArthur, how great the schools are, what great neighbors we had, etc, etc... it doesn't help. But truthfully, could I really see myself living in WI the rest of my life? No. Chicago, maybe. Minneapolis, maybe. Utah, uh no. East coast, no (sorry Em). Is there any place else? Would Eric ever consider any place else, doubt it.

Fortunately, Eric is in an industry that has staying power. Unfortunately, it's an industry where you are required to stay, put that is. I (we) have to decide quick if California is the place for our family, and if so, I guess I will just have take a lesson from the MASTER HERSELF.


Rosengren Family said...

Ouch! That sounds almost like living in Hawaii prices.
We have been doing a lot of research lately on where to end up too. Wisconsin is still holding it's ground with our options. The drawbacks are lack of family, high property taxes and the lack of church strength. Denver area has more family and church, but ultimately, what do we want?????
Is Eric a partner now or just associating? Does he want to own? ~Sherri

Karen said...

Dang, that sucks.

If only Eric had a job that paid a lot....Bummer. ;)

Seriously, we would move to SoCal in an instant if it weren't so bloody expensive. If you want, I can mail you some eggs. I'm sure overnighting them would be cheaper than you driving and buying them.

whitandjoel said...

livin' the life of isn't so glamorous after all! we would love to live there, but is it realistic for us...not at this time. in due time Eric will be rollin' in benjamin's and you wont think twice about stuff like that! :)

josieposie said...

Here's what you fail to understand... though Eric is in a profession that has the possibility of making a decent amount of money, this comes only after paying off the mound of student loans we have racked up. I currently live with my in-laws, YET, I have a mortgage.

Sherri - Eric is an associate, with a possibility of equal partnership/buy-in if the situation is right.