Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Are you talkin' to me?

There's something about bluetooth headsets that makes me want to punch their users in the face. I could end the post at this point, but I feel the need to elaborate.

As of July 1 of this year, California has made it mandatory for all drivers who wish to use their cell phones, must do so only through the use of bluetooth headsets. I have heard the fine is upwards of $1,000 if caught. It's almost enough to make me stop using a cell phone.

I hate the things. When I use one, I feel like I look like this guy:

I have the tiniest ears known to man which makes it hard to keep in position. I feel like I have to scream to make my voice heard, and I still have to fumble with my phone in order to push "call" so does it really make it any safer? I am thinking Gov. Arnold is making a nice piece of change for everyone of these things sold in the state thanks to his new little law.

Another reason why I can't stand the things....

Is it really necessary to wear them outside of your vehicle? The other day I was at the grocery store (buying eggs) and this guy was looking right at me while talking, but he was talking about this club he had gone to the other night and that he got some girls phone number, and I seriously thought he was talking to me until he turned his head slightly and I saw his bluetooth jerkset dangling from his ear.

That reminds me, another one of Eric's demands for a car was that it was bluetooth enabled, what a smart man I am married to.


Karen said...

I didn't think they had to be bluetooths...you can still use the old school hands free sets, right??

And yeah, I hate those things too. So bad.

Kenneth said...

I'm gonna have to rig up something like that guy cause there's no way I'm ever getting a bluetooth. I like the new car.

temparoo said...

Bluetooths can be fun but what a mess! In the perfect world we will just have chips in our heads and we will talk through the chips. I have a ear infection so my bluetooth is more like an orange tooth by the time I am done using it.

The Mellen Family said...

When we were in Cali in May i was wondering why people were in the local Vons with those in their ears. It is pretty weird!