Tuesday, July 15, 2008

VOTE, because I said to

Recently, I haven't really cared what my blog page looks like because I figured everyone (like myself) was just reading it through Google Reader or similar. In which case, you don't see all the fancy backgrounds or the sidebar columns - you just see the pictures and text that I post. And that is cool with me if you read it that way because I do it too. So, this vote is to see how many really visit the page and how many use reader. Please vote!

PollPub.com VoteHow do you access my blog?

I read it through Google Reader (or similar).
I read it straight from the source (ericjosie.blogspot).

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Natalie said...

i do both- mostly google reader, but i usually check the actual blog once a week....just to be sure i'm not missing out on anything :)

Sean said...

I go straight to the source, I like eye candy!

Marvic said...

I go straight to the source too at least once a week...and I have ur link in my blog as well..

Molly said...

I have the blogspot on my bookmark so it is easy for me. I laughed really hard p.s. to the quote about Eric starting work! No more vacation!

Marvic said...

We dont know each other...It just that I found ur blog through the google reader once and started to read it once a while...hope u dont mind thou