Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Next, Tahoe

Christensen Reunion 2008
Truckee, CA

**tons of pictures to follow - I was pretty much the photographer for this trip**

Let the boating begin!
Thanks to Em & Jaren for towing their sweet boat from
Boise to CA. I don't know what we would have done without it.

Martha gettin' her surf on.

Em & Jaren's boat makes a crazy wave behind it so the pro's
could let go of the rope and just surf behind the boat until they were tired.
I, was not one of those people.

Eric (pro)

Eric surfing sans rope.

Jaren (pro) with a huge wave.

Mike & Anne - (not pro's - hence the kiddy tube)

KC (pro) jumping the wake on his wakeboard.


Molly surfing

KC doing a 360 flip on the wakeboard. Show off!

Emily (pro) on her single ski.

We were pretty active this trip, which isn't very unusual for us.
There was baseball, volleyball, and tennis to be played.
Plus, tons of swimming, eating, gambling, puzzling, card playing,
laughing, Nintendoing, crafting, sleeping, and tanning.

The boy cousins with their new baseball bats.

Anne & Coco

KC & Cohen (Cohen's BFF on the trip)

Eric creating havoc at the Squaw Valley Olympic pool.
Poor Molly.

Grandma & Grandpa with all the grandkids.
Grandma's birthday was July 3rd.

Look at those hops!

Christmas card '08???

Who knew Eric was such a closet roulette lover?

My baby - the muscle man

Sisters +1


Craft for the cousins


Kenneth said...

That was a sweet trip! I was only showing off cause I knew you had a camera on board. It was a ton of fun hanging out with you guys again. Hopefully we'll see you before the Packers game in October

molly and kc oliver said...

Oh I was hoping I would have a (pro) next to my name, maybe next trip!

Eve said...

Jose, YOU ARE THE BEST! Great pictures, lots of wonderful family to be with, and I think that picture is NOT BAD for XMAS! Love you for all that you do to be our historian! You are great! Mom