Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Born again user

Eric and I purchased the IPhone when they first came out last October. I have loved the dang thing. And I'm not even jealous of all the peeps that are buying the 3G because mine is fast enough, they look pretty much the same, and I've had the use of one for almost a year now. But, Apple never ceases to amaze me. It's pretty much like I have a new phone because of the updated software and all the add on's I can download from Itunes (for free!!!).

Today's downloads:

Express: News, Gossip, Movies, Weather, Sports and more.

Showtimes: Displays theaters, movie times, paired with Fandango Mobile for purchasing tickets, and displays the Rotten Tomatoes rating.

Jirbo Match: Keeps Ethan busy matching animal faces.


Ebay window for easy searches

Restaurant Nutrition Guides for calculating Ethan's carb amount

Bubbles! Keeps Cohen busy popping bubbles instead of text messaging people

Sudoku: this one's for me


[AnnieR] said...

Um. Do I really need to comment? Not really, but I will say that I totally downloaded the restaurant nutrition facts for Ruby, too.

nyclizzie said...

I gotta do that! Love love love the iPhone, although my Treo had some functions I really miss like taking Videos, etc. But the iPhone is way prettier!!!