Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Birthday EM!

The big 29! When we were in college did you ever think the day would come when we turned 30? I guess I never really thought about it back then. One more year to go for you - enjoy it! I had to dig through some old scrapbooks to find these gems. Pics from the past, good times. Paige joins us in a few - hi Paige - and Bennett of course. Bennett, have you fallen off the planet? What faaabulous things are you up to lately? Geez, I look so different in that first picture. Where has time gone? Thanks Em for being such a great friend for the past 10+ years. You're the best and I love you tons.
p.s. will you start a blog already?

Chi Omega Party 1997 - - - - - Cami's Wedding 2000

NYC Trip 2005

NYC Trip 2002

NYC Trip 2002


anne said...

These pics are awesome. When and where were all of them taken?

anne said...

And oh- gotta love your Blue Columbia ski jacket!!!

josiejean said...

Yah, that was before I was married to a husband who is obsessed with The North Face.

Paige said...

Whoa you really shouldn't have Jos. I am so scary. I remember loving that outfit in the second pic and I wanted to die laughing. Oh if only we could go back to those days if only for a few minutes. We had so much fun.

Anonymous said...


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