Friday, June 15, 2007


Projects. I would imagine that it's considered a four letter word to most home owners. Every weekend it seems like there is some project (pardon my french) to do. If it isn't the lawn, then most likely it involves some sort of sanding or painting, in which case it falls on me. Eric isn't a big painter. He doesn't like it. He will wire a dozen pocket lights before ever volunteering to paint. I guess it's fine though, because I kind of like it. So here's the latest project. Our three season porch. It's in bad shape. I ripped off all of the old molding and screen and have started to prep it for paint. It's a big job. But don't expect the "after" pictures too quickly, this might take me a while.

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Tia said...

I feel like my house is one big never-ending project. Right now we are working on some painting and carpeting. It's nice when it's done, but the process sucks. I'm impressed with your little porch.