Sunday, June 3, 2007

Ethan's new bike

Smooth Sailing

Rough Road

Ethan outgrew his tricycle and so we went to Wheel and Sprocket yesterday and got him a new bike that should last him a looooooooooooooong time. At least that's what I'm hoping. The bike we bought is typically for 5 year olds, but he fit it so we put some training wheels on it until Eric is ready to teach him to ride without them. The bike looks too big for him, but I wasn't going to buy him one that I would have to replace in two years. Now we just need to get a helmet. Eric and I do not have bikes so Eric likes to ride along side him on his longboard. Maybe I will have to ask for a bike for Christmas this year. That would be perfect. Get a bike for Christmas and then look at it for four months before I can actually use it. Brutal.


Grandma B said...

Ahh, Ethan looks so happy! A carrier pigeon is bringing $ for his helmet and bandaids! . He is getting too big!

anne said...

Once again, he's the coolest kid around. The other 3.5 year olds will be so jealous. Thanks for posting the clips. I hated to see Ethan fall over, but his little squeal was pretty cute.

Eve said...

Unbelievable! How do you do that? Put a video on the blog? I am so behind in this stuff! Just thrilled to have our internet back up again, and see all of the fun activities you posted! I am so impressed! Ethan is doing great on that bike! Pretty soon you won't be able to keep up with him! Love all the info! Grandma Eve or Grandma Beach!