Tuesday, October 30, 2007

As if you don't know enough about me...

A: available or single? i'm pretty sure this question was supposed to ask available or taken, but it doesn't, so I am neither.

B: best friend: rico

C: cake or pie? cake if it's store bought, they always make the best frosting... pie if it's homemade

D: drink of choice? dc, fountain. it tastes different out of a can. if you want to know why, ask me, i know the answer

E: essential items used daily? car, cell phone, toilet, internet

F: favorite color? green

G: gummy bears or gummy worms? is there a difference? renae - what's up with these questions?

H: hometown? ummm... now that is a tough one. where to call home? how about...place i've lived in longest: minnesota

I: indulgence? a shower longer than 3 minutes

J: january or february? february, january has not been a good month for me in the past

K: kids and names? ethan and cohen (and little noah)

L: life is incomplete without... family, friends and food

M: marriage date? June, 12 1999

N: number of siblings? 4, all sistas

O: oranges or apples? apples - carmel apples

P: phobias or fears? other than losing my husband and having to date again at age 30, with two kids.... debt

Q: favorite quote? you know what you do when life gives you a lemon....
seriously, you thought that was my favorite quote, that quote makes no sense.
how about: see my quote of the day

R: reason to smile? upcoming vacation

S: season? fall

T: tag 3 people... NO!

U: unknown fact about me? i don't floss all that often and i am married to a dentist

V: vegetables you don't like? eggplant & cauliflower - nasty

W: worst habit? biting my fingernails, snacking all day long

X: x-rays? huh?

Y: your favorite food: a good waffle

Z: zodiac sign? taurus


anne said...

Why does DC taste different out of the fountain? I don't like Eggplant either and everyone up here eats it like it's the most delicious vegetable they've ever tasted. Nasty.

martha said...

Really? a good waffle under your favorite food? And I love you quotes of the day. I get so excited when there is a new one.

amy said...

you would date again?! not me, no way!

Renae Kirby said...

thanks for playing! :) and i also love your quotes of the day! i'm always reading them to david and we just die over eric's gems!