Saturday, October 27, 2007

And now it's Saturday, a whole week later.

BUSY, BUSY! Having the Browns here for a visit has been great!
Here are a few of the recent highlights...

Eric's new pet. Rocky the raccoon. He has been coming around ever since I found him in our garage the other night. Freaked me out so bad. So, of course Eric decided to feed him a full meal and now he comes back begging every few days.

Ethan trying to rob the collection box at Holy Hill Cathedral.

"Mom, are we Catholic?"
A view from the top.

The Men - climbing to the top of Holy Hill Steeple.

Ethan giving Cohen a shoe made from silly putty. Adding a little dimension with the fork.
Cohen wasn't too thrilled.
A preview of Ethan's tree costume.

A preview of Cohen's squirrel costume.
What happens when one tries to comb my kids hair against the grain.

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Paige said...

I wondered where the hell you were.