Monday, October 15, 2007


This past weekend started out good but ended in me taking amoxicillin for like the 100th time. I always get sinus infections and have the hardest time shaking them. I was sick two weeks ago and I thought it had disappeared on it's own, but yesterday I woke up and had pain all down the right side of my head - ear infection! Cohen was just on antibiotic for one so I guess it's my turn. So yesterday was a total bust - i just sat around all day - which actually was ok because Eric made dinner and put the kids to bed, but I still hate being sick.

Saturday, I went to Karen's for a pumpkin party. Ethan was so obsessed with it all weekend asking me who was going and what we were going to do and if he could come with me. Everybody that came was instructed to bring something with pumpkin in it. I figured there would be way to many pumpkiny things so I brought sugar cookies in the shape of a pumpkin. Still works, right? Fun times!

When I got home I got to take the kids to the park because Eric had promised they would go. It was either that or mow the lawn, I chose the park. There were these sketchy old guys there that were hovering around my car, looking in the windows and stuff. I was at least 30 yards away and couldn't remember if I had locked my car so I hit my automatic lock on my key chain and they got spooked and walked away. Weird.

Grandma Diane is coming to town tomorrow and we are all so excited! I think Ethan is the most excited, but deep down I probably am. Another body around to entertain the kiddos is always a big help. We are going to start work on Ethan's halloween costume which will be very fun. Then in about a week or so Ed will be joining us as well. It's sad to think that this could be the last time they are here before Eric graduates. We will have to be extra diligent in experiencing all the things they love about WI one last time.

Oh, and just a few minutes ago I was IM with Karen and we were just talking about how I didn't go to church yesterday and she was like I know Jos, you told me last night. Huh? No I didn't. Come to find out Eric was IM with Karen last night posing as ME! So busted. What a weirdo.


anne said...

I'm sorry you're sick. I'd take your kids to the park any day. What did Ethan decide to be for Halloween?

amy said...

which park were you at with the creepy guys?

Diane said...

That's it! Eric, do I have to come to town to straighten you out?!!!? Posing as a woman, , , again!!! jk

I can't wait to see all of you tomorrow! Get better Josie! I am bringing monopoly pieces!!!