Monday, October 1, 2007

Oh, the many uses of pipe cleaners

It's been kind of rainy lately so Ethan and I decided to get into the Halloween mood by making some spider webs for our windows. Since Ethan is obsessed with everything Spiderman I think he thought it was extra special. Unfortunatly, he didn't really participate all that much. Ethan is an observer when it comes to crafts. He gets really excited about the idea of fun projects such as this, but when it comes time to do it he prefers to just watch. He does chime in when he doesn't like what he sees, like if I am making it too big or too small. He definitely knows how to give his two cents. The other day we were at the market and I asked him if he wanted to make some caramel apples with me. He said of course, and went and picked out the apples. Since he was so excited about making the apples I figured, what's the harm, it's once a year, I will just dose him for the sugar filled caramel. So we get home and he helps me peel off all of the wrappers from the caramels, he pushes the sticks into the apples and then he disappears. I finish dipping the apples and set them aside to cool, and then after dinner ask him if he wants one for dessert... he says NO! What? After all that? I guess I should be happy that he doesn't like sweets, but now that means that I will have to eat them all. It's funny, he really doesn't like candy all that much. He likes chocolate, but that's about it. I was worried last year when he went trick or treating and came home with a huge bag of candy. I thought I was going to have to buy it from him or something. Fortunately, he liked the social aspect of Halloween much more than the candy. He loved showing everyone his costume and visiting all the houses in the neighborhood. Hopefully, this trend lasts. It really is a depressing holiday for kids with diabetes.


anne said...

what a good idea, jos. they look really good.

Renae Kirby said...

cute craft josie! my kids go crazy for halloween-- maybe we'll have to add this one to our list!

Natalie said...

I'm stealing your idea! I always search for cute Halloween ideas & can never find any...till now :)