Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm married to a superhero

In the past two weeks Eric has been told that he looks just like Clark Kent/Superman on multiple occasions. The other night he was home teaching and the woman flat out told him that ever since he moved into the ward that their family refers to him as Clark Kent. Today he came home and again said that his patient told him he looks like Superman. What's the deal?
I don't know if I see it.

Personally, I have always thought Eric resembled Mark Ruffalo,
especially in the following photo!!


Jeff said...

Ha. That's funny. I have got that comment numerous times as well. People on my mission told me all the time that I look like Clark Kent. Last year there was like a 2 or 3 week time frame where 3 people told me I look like Clark Kent. And it wasn't just "hey, you kinda look like...." it was more like "oh my gosh, you look exactly like Clark Kent". I personally don't see the resemblance. But I am with you on the Mark Ruffalo comment. Eric looks more like him.

Renae Kirby said...

FOR SURE he looks just like mark ruffalo! i am dying over the resemblance! HAHA!

anne said...

Much more of the Mark Ruffalo resemblance. Especially when Eric's hair is long; I've seen Eric with some serious bedhead just like the pic. There's a guy on ESPN that Mike thinks Eric looks like as well.... Mike if you read this at work today...what's his name??

Diane said...

Eric's dad use to be called Superman all the time. What more can I say, , , handsome genealogy. Josie, Advice, Make sure that those office girls are all over 45!