Friday, April 18, 2008

Todays' Randomnesses

While getting dressed...
E: Wow mom! how are you doing that so good?
J: Doing what?
E: Connecting that thing behind your back
J: You mean my bra?
E: I don't know
J: Practice my son, practice

While running errands...
Random Woman: Do you think a child his age should have a cell phone?
J: Are you talking to me?
RW: Yes.
J: Bi@*h you better step off (ok, not really) Oh, you mean his INSULIN PUMP?
RW: Oh, sorry, it looked like a cell phone.
J: Really? I've never seen a cell phone with a thin, long, plastic tube attached to it.
RW: silent


leigh said...

why do other people (usually women) feel that they need to give you their opinion about how you mother? I really hate it!

The other day a lady pulled over from the street because she saw Charlie walking around our house (not in the street) and was concerned for him. She said to me (as I was walking out the door to watch him) "you know this is a busy street?" Well yes, actually I do because I LIVE on it!

leigh said...

ps - how does that look like a cell phone?

mollyoliver said...

Oh booyah lady mind your own business.

Karly said...



Diane said...

GET OF OF THAT STATE!!!!!! I am giving you 37 days!!! a few more with time off for GRADUATIOM!!!
Too much time in the dark for that woman! That is all I am sayin . . .