Friday, April 4, 2008

For the love of Oprah, part 2

Tonight Eric, the boys and I attended a baptism at our ward building. We take our seats in the back knowing full well Cohen will not last the entire hour. The opening prayer is given and the program begins. Of course, the first thing Ethan notices is that there is a table set up in the back with plates and napkins on it. (food is instantly on the brain!)

E: Mom, what is that table for back there?
J: Oh, probably cookies and punch.
E: Well, where are they?
J: In the kitchen, we don't get them until it's over and ONLY if you are good.
E: Ok, I will be good. (now folding his arms)

A woman is now finished giving her talk on baptism and the man who is getting baptized stands up along with our former bishop who will be performing the ordinance.

E: Look Mom, it's the man from Oprah.
J: Who?
E: That guy over there, Oprah's friend the doctor.
J: (attempting not to laugh - but at the same time mildly impressed) No Ethan, that's not Dr. Oz, that's our old bishop.
E: Oh.

by the way - he has no idea about this crazy conversation or the picture i took of him

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martha said...

In this picture he kind of looks like the guy in That Thing You Do.