Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Impending doom

May 20th. Not only Anne's birthday (sorry she has NO blog to link to), but our moving day. Yep - it's official. Therefore, the packing has begun. This is our garage - I've made a decent dent in the madness. You should see the pile for the garage sale!

On the list for the sale: Eric's 1994 Honda - I listed it on craigslist on Sunday and already had a buyer by Monday afternoon. If I knew it would go so fast I would have listed it for more. Eric's had this car since he graduated high school (yes in 94). Don't you think he deserves a new car upon graduation - I do!

Also on the list: Our queen guest bedroom set that we will no longer need. 1. because whatever house we have next will be half the size, and 2. because we will now be living close to all the family that ever came and slept in that bed. Also listed on craigslist on Sunday - the guy is coming to pick it up today. Ooops - we kind of need that bed for graduation guests. Uh oh. But here's the thing, what if I waited and it didn't sell? Catch 22.

Anybody want to buy our Land Rover?


Sean said...

I want a land rover without any problems. I'm stoked to hear that someone other that me has been driving the same car their whole driving career. What's the new car?

Diane said...

Good Bye good and faithful mechanical pony. . . that is all I can put into words.