Sunday, April 27, 2008


Today's my bday. It was a pretty good one this year, considering I had to talk in church today. HATE IT! I wore this new skirt that Eric got me:

It went ok though. Eric had to as well - it was our goodbye....we will only be there for two more meetings. Yikes.

Last night Eric and I went out to dinner and movie. We saw:

It was pretty funny. I love Amy Poehler. I made me want to be a surrogate. I mean you can make a ton of money!

Eric also got me this stuff:

Marc Jacobs perfume & Philosophy face wash that I needed. It smells really good. I'm not much of a perfume wearer. I used to and then I got pregnant and I couldn't stand smells so I quit wearing it. I like this one though.

The nice part of the day was taking a nap and having food brought to me in my bed! And Eric bathed and put the kids to bed - one of my least favorite chores. So it was a good bday!

Bday conversation with Ethan:
E: Mom, who is coming over for your party?
J: What party?
E: Your birthday party.
J: Oh, I'm not having a party.
E: Why not?
J: Because when you get older, it's not normal to throw yourself a birthday party, usually they are thrown by someone else, which would mean daddy, and that's not happening.
E: Oh. Well, then how are you gonna get any presents? Who's going to get you presents? Don't you want presents? I like presents. I got presents on my birffday. I will be 5 on my next birffday.
J: You and daddy and grandparents will probably get me presents.
E: But, I didn't get you anything.
J: That's ok.
E: I think you need a party.


Sean said...

Happy Birthday Josie! Grandma C has a whole bag of Tuesday Morning for you.

Karly said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY... Wow your an old woman! LOVE YA

Karly said...

I agree... I think you need a party!

Karen said...

I'm a loser. I didn't wish you a happy birthday today. So...Happy Birthday!!!

Molly said...

Happy Birthday Joise!!! Hopefully the mail gets you my card soon! Those were some good gifts that Eric got you. I have that same perfume. I use it sparingly- it is like I want to conserve it til I'm 80. But I am glad you guys got out and had some fun!

Mandy said...

A few days late, but hope you had a wonderful birthday. Can't wait to have your guys back on the West coast!