Sunday, April 27, 2008

So long old pal

I sold Eric's car on Craigslist the other day. The peeps came to pick it up on Friday so Eric has no car at this point. Eric has had this car since it's birth in 1994. That's 14 years ago. Eric is 32, he's had that car almost half his life. CRAZY!! It is still going - that is what amazes me.

Here are the peeps that bought the car. I wanted a picture from the front, but I thought that might be a little weird - me asking them if I could shoot their picture. So, I sneaked one from the back. The back says it all though, doesn't it? Mulletville! She was sporting the VERY Milwaukee Harley Davidson leather jacket and he was wearing some t-shirt with a car on it. They were very nice but both needed some serious dental work.

Cohen on his Radio Flyer - shifty eyes.

Ethan, scooting the bleep out of that scooter.

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