Friday, January 22, 2010

Easy journal

Ok, remember when I had a ventfest and posted THIS? Well, today I am eating my words - I gotta give props to one of "those" bloggers. Her last post on the 5 year journal actually had me intrigued. I went to the website and come to find out, there are tons of versions of this book. It's genius because it's formatted for just one line a day. Something I think I could handle. I bought the Mom's one line a day, I wish I would have started this 6 years ago when Ethan was a baby. I was horrible at writing down his firsts. I was thinking of buying a bunch for future baby shower gifts but I've got too many burp cloths lying around I better give those instead!!




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leigh said...

funny that hers was the blog you were talking about. i stopped subscribing to it because all she was writing about at the time was all the classes she was teaching. Wow. Really exciting.