Sunday, January 24, 2010

the weekend

FRIDAY: eric worked, tried to stay up and watch a documentary but fell asleep around 10:30. went in to check on ethan's number (they have been in bed for two hours at this point), they were both in ethan's bed watching videos on an iPhone. went on a rampage, took any and all nightlights out of their room, slammed the door and tried to fall back asleep.

SATURDAY: eric worked again, woke up at 7, I was his first patient. i needed an onlay redone from a previous dentist. took the boys to jump and shout, came home, tried to start my church lesson. eric called, locked his keys in the ignition, needed his spare. Ugh. eric comes home, gets a wild hair to take the boys off-roading in the Rover. "ok, but I'm not coming to rescue you for the second time today if you get stuck". famous last words. they leave, i'm still trying to finish my lesson. eric calls, uhhhh jos,..... i'm stuck. more like, i thought i would be really cool and drive through a 3 foot puddle of water and the engine shut off. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME" (edited for a G rating). so, diane gets in her car to go out and rescue the boys (i think she felt the need to go otherwise divorce might have been discussed shortly after arriving at the scene). thankfully, a HUMMER (eric's embarrassment at this point is at an all time high) was there to save the day. he towed eric out of the puddle so that diane didn't have to, and probably wouldn't have been able to. i get the boys home, feed them dinner, and ethan starts to panic, "mom, i think my tooth fell out - MOM, i swallowed my tooth!!"

poor kid was devastated so we wrote the tooth fairy a nice note explaining our situation.

and wouldn't you know, she came anyway! start getting the boys ready for bed when a genius plan pops into my head. not wanting to repeat last nights fiasco, I pull ethan's mattress off his bed and put it in diane's sewing room. ethan is loving this idea, cohen not so much. both boys ASLEEP by 7:30. better than sex. tow truck finally makes it home.

we go to our friends house to hang for a bit, watch an illegal copy of lovely bones, not recommended, talk some nonsense and go home to bed.

SUNDAY: boys ended up sleeping 12 hours, hasn't happened FOREVER, eric woke up and went straight out to his car - it STARTED! got ready for church but had to leave early for choir. i guess eric wasn't ready right at 1:00 because everyone else showed up but him.
I text him at 1:15 - where r u?
e: printing my lesson.
j: hurry up!
1:20 - e: where are mom's keys?
j: what's wrong with your car?
e: uhhhh, won't start.
j: bleep. i am listing that car on craigslist when i get home.
1:30 eric arrives at church.
2:00 cohen falls asleep just in time to take him to sunbeams.

3:00 - i teach my lesson, go home, have some lunch, rotate some laundry, watch some football, car is still dead.
5:30 - i list the Rover on craigslist, anyone? anyone?
7:30 - watch Favre lose, lame. but on a positive note, boys are in their beds. asleep.

Will Monday ever come?


Sarah said...

Are you really selling the car? Eric can take solace in the fast that at least it will improve your night life!

Cortney said...

whoa, busy weekend. and what is this nonsense you talk about?? i am on pins and needles??

The Marshpeople said...

No wonder you weren't seeming too chipper yesterday :) That car is NOTHING but trouble. Bad move, Eric. Bad move.

We are 3. said...

Does Eric approve of the sale on cragislist?
any takers yet?

josieposie said...

No I don't think he approves - especially considering it started this morning. I listed it high, if he has an offer he can't refuse I am hoping he thinks twice about it.

anne said...

what an ordeal.

Kenneth said...

off road!!! Yeah! No big what if the engine doesn't start hahah!