Monday, January 4, 2010


My family is always able to cram an insane amount of activity into the shortest amount of time - it amazes me what we are able to accomplish. Take this past weekend for example.

Thursday: Arrive @2:30, check-in, get unpacked, play with cousins, hit the pool/hot tub, eat dinner, see a movie.

The highlight of the trip, the boys being able to hang out with their cousins.

Friday: go to airport to get Anne & Mike, come back for a bbq, tennis tourney, take kids to park, go to dinner, another movie.

Jaren @ the bbq

Cohen and his new racket

Dad/tennis pro

Dinner @ Rustler's Rooste
When I was a kid and my parents took us to Phoenix we went to this restaurant. We're talking 20+ years ago, and I still remembered it. It was like an upscale play place. The boys wouldn't stop, they were both sweating by the time his dinner was ready. Ethan went up and down the stairs to get to the slide so many times his blood sugar was low by the end of the night. Cohen didn't understand the slide rules. He kept cutting in front of everyone else, he'd just walk right up to the front of the line saying "watch out, my turn".

These three pictures will be posted just to show you how much cooperation I get when I ask people to "get together" for a picture. Thank you KC for participating. Notice which one is the most obnoxious. I'm sure you won't be surprised to see it's Eric.

Barfa & Balls

Sweet Spiderman balloon

Saturday: hike Camelback Mountain, tour Frank Lloyd Wrights Taliesin West, hit a fabric store, cook dinner, birthday party for Sam, Phoenix Sun's game, (attempted) another movie.

Sunday: church, lunch, pack, Packers game, drive home. Sleep.

Cohen's sweet mohawk - he woke up with crazy bedhead so we just went with it.

Even if you hate football, you gotta go to a Packer game just to people watch. They wear the crazies stuff.

THANKS Mom & Dad for another great trip! GO PACK GO!


Robyn said...

Josie, you really do take the best pictures! What a fun trip with your family. Cohen's hair is awesome! I am going to miss teaching him!!

Cortney said...

looks like a super fun time and coco's hair is out of control!!

with love, r said...

Hey, Seriously, I didn't know you guys were Packer Fans too!!!!! Go Pack!!!!!!!