Friday, January 22, 2010

Here's to 5 years

Ok, I guess I did have one thing to blog about. Ethan's D (diagnosis/diabetes) Day. He chose to celebrate at Chuck E Cheese. Ugh. Of course, I couldn't say no but I did suggest we eat somewhere else. Frozen pizza is not my thing. Eric surprised him with donuts, seen very infrequently at this house because he LOVES them - probably because he never has them. Then we moved on to ChuckE, played 30$ worth of tokens between the 5 of us...which only lasted a little over an hour. Grabbed some ChicfilA and them home to open a gift. He really deserves this day. We should probably celebrate it more often because of how well he does with all that goes along with the disease. He is a major stud, patient, brave, and never questions why. I am so lucky.


[AnnieR] said...

He does deserve this day. And so do you. I wish I could do this for Ruby but she was diagnosed like 3 days after her birthday. Oh well, I guess I could still do it. It's like people who's birthday is on Christmas or something.

Happy? five years! You guys are inspirations and I will always be grateful we found each other.

anne said...

ohhhhh, look at that face. love you, ethan.
bennett's shirt will forever ring true-- sugar sucks.

Sarah said...

I love that you celebrate this day for him. I hate Diabetes and I wasn't even diagnosed until I was 22. I can't even imagine having it as a kid. He is so brave and is lucky to have parents that are so good at managing it for him.