Wednesday, January 20, 2010

App store

I finally put my $15 gift card from Christmas to good use. Not all of these cost money by the way.

For the kids: Lego Photo. Changes a picture on your phone to a mosaic of legos.

This is a great app. The design of it and ease of use is awesome.

MyWard: syncs info from = calendars, directories, addresses, etc for the entire stake.

Church Bingo: Can't wait to put this to good use this Sunday. Below is an example. I can also install my own phrases that are commonly heard in my ward. How about "A voice of an angel"!


[AnnieR] said...

My own Church Bingo would include:
-the bearing of testimony of one's spouse.
-the member of the bishopric conducting using the phrase "By way of announcement..."
-someone using the phrase "in every fiber of my being..."
-confession of past sins. This is a personal favorite.

josieposie said...

Oh, there are tons of bingo cards included and of course the fiber of my being saying is in there. Along with without a shadow of a doubt. Hilarious.

Diane said...

I dib to sit by you Josie! Could get me through the block too!!!!!!!!!!! If we play bingo in Ed's sunday school class, I am yelling out BINGO!!!

molly oliver said...

Haha I need church bingo! I am in a new ward now and this will entertain me until I know people.

Michael said...

hilarious. i especially like "pointless story."