Thursday, January 28, 2010

Here's what I think about this gift

1. I don't have a girl.
2. I'm not planning on having a girl.
3. Green Bay is out of the playoffs, booo.
4. I wish it was my size.
5. Maybe it will fit Lucy?
6. Don't give Eric any ideas.
7. I need to put it in a box so it stops eyeing me from the shelf.
8. I miss the midwest.
9. Please Cortney, don't buy me any more baby clothes.
10. But, thank you for thinking of me!


Cortney said...

1. i thought it would fit a baby girl in your cheese head family.
2. I too was wishing it was in your size, this is all i could find!
3. Go Colts!
4. Just in case Eric gets any "ideas" eh hem!
5. The midwest is cold.
6. It was only $1.97
7. You are welcome!
8. Looks like I need to brush up on my gift giving skills.

anne said...

Cortney, I have never met you, but I like you.
Keep the baby gifts coming.
1. I want Josie and Eric to have another baby!!!
2. If Josie never gets around to having #3, then I'll take your gifts from Josie.

Sarah said...

Come on, Josie. You know you want to have a baby so that she can wear that shirt. Keep the baby gifts coming, Cortney!!!