Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cohen's birthday, part 1

I prefer to call myself green, instead of cheap.

Last night we celebrated C's birthday with Diane & Ed because Diane is heading to Omaha today to visit Julie. We decided to go to the Irvine Spectrum for some dinner and fun! Dinner was at Johnny Rocket's. Cohen didn't sit still for the entire meal. He was jumping on the padded bench, sliding under the table to go to the other side, throwing the Splenda packets, creating a total scene. C has really embraced this idea of being terrible at age 2, Ethan waited until he was 3.

Then we headed over the to carousel. C was not diggin it. He cried the first two times around and then finally warmed up to it on the third go round. Ethan was enthusiatic enough for the both of them. What E was a little nervous about was the ferris wheel. C was all for it and E had to be convinced. Notice the nervous look below. He kept asking, when is this over and how are we going to get out?

On the way home I was trying to remember even the slightest detail of Cohen's birth. I couldn't remember if I had arrived to the hospital the night before the induction or just showed up the morning of the 11th. I also couldn't remember the time he was born. It was really frustrating me. I could remember his weight, but the rest was gone. Erased for some reason. My memory has suffered greatly since having kids. Too bad I didn't have this blog when C was born or else everything would be there for me to reference. If anyone remembers - I would appreciate it.

Naughty birthday boy.


Chillin on the wheel

Not so chill


whitandjoel said...

I am impressed with how many updates you have been doing- i love it! Can you believe your baby is 2??

Julie Barnes said...

Happy Birthday to Cohen! I can't believe he is 2! Time flies! So funny about the Ferris Wheeler and Merry Go Round. :) We miss you in Omaha! Wish you could come visit too!