Sunday, September 14, 2008

Birthday, part 2

Ethan had a few friends over on Saturday to finish off his birthday week. I was a little nervous about the whole thing because I invited four boys from church/school - and left it open for their parents and siblings to hang around too if they wanted. Ethan just wanted to have a pool party so the more the merrier, right...? But the problem is that this left the door wide open for an unknown amount of people so I was stressing about not having enough food. I planned for 12, but we ended up with 17 - luckily we had some frozen hot dog buns and plenty of chips! Ethan had a great time and I got to know his friends' moms a little better. They ended up staying for over 3 hours, and I am not the chatty/social type. It was a good time though. If nothing more it made Ethan ok with going to Primary today. He had no problems - unlike two weeks ago when he was crying before hand because he didn't want to go.

Cupcakes for dessert

Cohen, post cupcake...

Ethan and his new friend Jacob

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